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7 Easy and Funny Games to Keep Your Children Busy During Christmas

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One of the most difficult things that parents have to go through every year is to keep their children busy and entertained at the same time during Christmas.

This is important in making sure that the children do not spend most of their time watching something on the television.

Keeping children happy and busy during Christmas and taking care of other festivity needs is not a walk in the park. Some parents even let their children use their phones to play games or do other things for them to remain busy.

However, this is not always safe since some children might visit websites that are not friendly to them. Others might delete important information, make calls, or even send messages without knowing.

There are reports that indicate that some children have placed exorbitant orders while using their parents’ phones without knowing.

It, therefore, means that parents need to find ways through which their children can remain busy during the festive season. The best way of doing this is to get easy and funny games for the children. Some of the most popular easy and funny games include;

Scavenger Hunt Games

Most kids love engaging in games with scavenger hunt challenges. These games provide them with the adrenaline to engage in adventures and find treasures lying ahead before their fellow players.

The games are not only easy and funny but also provide children with a rush to find a good challenge and the desire to hunt for treasures, win the challenge, or even solve a certain riddle or puzzle.

The fact that they have to hunt for treasures and find them before other people keeps them busy and entertained. This means that they focus on the game while giving their parents enough time to relax and engage in their daily activities.

Race Track at Home

Building a race track at home is easy, and you can work on different types of floors. If you have the floor covered with carpet, you can use masking tape to build a race track. Those that have hardwood floors can use painter’s tape.

When making this track, parents need to lay some tape, depending on their floor, on a certain part of their home. They then need to draw some lines, just small ones, in between the tapes to ensure that all the strips look like a road.

To make the racetrack a little bit challenging, parents can add a few obstacles to the racing tracks, such as toys. After that, draw a finishing line and have some rewards for the children to encourage them to race.

This is easy to make, and your children will have a lot of fun racing in the house.

Make a Music Video

Some children might not be happy with their parents posting everything about them on the internet, but most of them enjoy watching themselves in a video. 

This means that making a music video featuring the children is an easy and funny game that they can love. To get started, you need to look for a song that all the children love. You can consult them about this.

After that, play the song and ask the kids to sing along just to make sure that they all love it. You can then ask them to dance to the song, with all of them showing their favourite dance moves.

Using your phone or tablet, take a video of them dancing and show them after you are done. You can share this video on your social media platforms and show them how people love their dance moves.

Balloon Ball

To play this game, you need to first remove all fragile materials from the room and anything else that might pose any form of danger to the children. This is important to parents in keeping their children safe first.

Now, you can give each of the children a balloon and a small noodle for the game. Even though you do not have to give any rules for the game, you can ask the children to make sure that their balloons do not hit the floor.

Those who stay for a certain amount of time with their balloons in the air win a certain present. You can even ask the children to work together to ensure that none of the balloons hit the floor. This is easy, fun, and will keep them busy.

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Marching Band

Even though this is an easy and funny game for children, parents that allow their children to play this game need to be ready to handle the noise that comes with it. They (parents) can use special headphones that can block the noise from interfering with their activities.

To get started easily, you need to provide the children with toy instruments. Some children might need to use a real recorder, something that is easy to find in different stores. You can even use readily available items such as wooden spoons, pots, and pans.

After sorting out the instruments, you can ask the children to match around the house while playing the instruments. This is easy for children, funny, and important when keeping them busy.

After the game, most of them will be exhausted and might want to take a shower and relax or even sleep.

Bootle Bowling

If you visit most homes, you are most likely going to find a lot of empty bottles taking up a lot of space in the houses. 

Parents looking for easy and funny games for their children during Christmas can use these bottles as bowling pins. They, however, need to make sure that the bottles are of the same size and height.

You can then arrange the bottles at a certain corner of your house and look for a light ball that your children can use to knock the bottles.

This is easy and will give them the bawling experience as well as encourage them to learn new skills such as aiming.


Most households keep paints at home just in case they need to paint a part of their house that needs repair. 

Since most families are usually at home during Christmas, they can use this time to paint different parts of their houses.

Even though this might seem like work instead of a game, children enjoy painting, and parents can be surprised at the help they can get with a painting that involves their children.

In conclusion, it is important for parents to make sure that their children are happy when spending time at home during Christmas. This helps in ensuring that the children do not engage in criminal or even immoral activities that might have a negative impact on their lives.

The games discussed above are easy and funny and can play a crucial role in keeping your children busy during Christmas.

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