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Quarantining? Here’s a Guide to Camping at Home

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With the weather starting to gradually warm, many of us tend to yearn for new experiences. There’s so much to see in the world, from organizing the ideal midsummer road trip to trekking the greatest hiking trails in the area to exploring the best campgrounds in your region. However, if you’re seeking enjoyable summertime things to do at home at this time, indoor camping may be able to fulfill your craving for action until your next vacation. And get this—you won’t even have to log off Casino Chan to actually have fun with the fam!

As you camp at your house, you have the chance to repeat the most breathtaking wilderness experiences without ever leaving your actual home. Whether you’re planning the ultimate family room camping vacation or heading out for some incredible backyard camping, here’s how to put up a Shelter-in-Place (also known as S.I.P.) summer camp that the whole household will cherish for years ahead. Here are some of the greatest backyard camping ideas to help you reap the benefits of the summertime ambiance, starting from setting a tent to creating the tastiest s’mores you’ll ever have. 

1. Purchase Everything You Need Beforehand


First of all, you have to gear up—nobody in the family wants a last-minute run to the store because somebody forgot an indoor camping essential. Make a checklist of everything you need to buy for the preparations. To create the ideal setting for indoor or backyard camping, you’ll need the necessary outdoor gear. 

Get a tent from any store that provides the best quality products in your area. If you think you’re splurging too much, that’s okay—you could always use it on upcoming camping vacations in the wilderness. However, if conventional camping isn’t your thing, consider making a living room tent out of sheets and glittering lights instead.)

Then, fill the tent with cushions, fluffy blankets, and, of course, sleeping bags to transform your new campground into a pleasant haven. Before embarking on your S.I.P experience, get a lamp and some cooking equipment. Afterward, refill your bottle or hydration kit to make it feel like you’re ready to climb mountains, experience the vast desert, or hike the lushest trails in your area. Once you’ve gathered all of the necessities for backyard camping, it’s time to round out the experience with clothes, decorations, music, and delectable camp cuisine.

2. Dress Like You’re Actually Going Camping Outdoors

What’s an indoor camping experience if you’re not going to dress the part? That’s right, your kids won’t even be convinced that this is, in fact, a camping experience. Part of the arrangements for camping entails deciding what to wear and what products to bring, so prepare a backpack with all the necessary things for a genuine home camping experience. 

Put on your favorite fleece and trekking shorts; change into your favorite hiking shoes—or better yet, leave them outside your tent for a nice picture op—and bring your toothbrush, hand lotion, sanitizer, sunscreen, and nutritious foods into your campsite. Since this is a fun family experience, we recommend also bringing your camera because you’ll want to document every detail of this one-of-a-kind adventure.

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3. Create the Ideal Indoor Camping Conditions for the Family


After you’ve put up your tent and dressed for the occasion, it’s time to concentrate on the things that will make you forget you’re setting up camp at home. You want everyone to feel like they’re actually in the great outdoors. To replicate your fondest fall experiences, put up posters of your fondest national parks, get some wood, and spread out a picnic blanket. 

Then, to make your home smell like the lap of nature, light a candle that smells like firewood. You can even burn incense that replicates the smell of delicious s’mores—just make sure if the kids in your family are too young, they should best keep away from burning products. Remember that most tents are made of flammable materials. 

Lastly, to fully paint the picture, fill your campsites with flora from the top plant stores near you. Choose a few ferns for a colder natural setting; place redwoods for a coastal vibe; add pine trees for a lakeside image; arrange a few succulents for a desert backdrop.

4. Don’t Forget to Keep Everyone Entertained 

Every good camping experience requires fun. Whether it’s with friends or family, you always need to have entertainment options at your disposal to ensure that nobody is bored. And, when you’re planning this with your family, there’s a big chance that kids are easily distracted and have a short attention span. Luckily, camping at home means that you have greater entertainment opportunities than the outdoors with a better guarantee of safety.

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To set the scene, compile a bunch of photos that display the beauty of nature. If you have a projector, you can elevate this idea to a whole new level. Whether you want to experience at-home beach camping, desert camping, or forest camping, the best first step of creating the ambiance is showing photos. 

If your family has a bibliophile or two, books can help transport you all to the great outdoors. Pick a few good reads from your bookshelf or local bookstore and travel to mountain peaks, riversides, and old-growth groves. Bonus points if this process is accompanied by nature sounds—you’ll find plenty of options on YouTube for any kind of environment. 

We’re sure that everyone is going to get hungry at some point. And yes, you’ll probably pack a few snacks with you. But, nothing beats a good, old-fashioned grilled hot dog with a crispy outside and a yummy inside. Half the pleasure of camping is eating outside, so make the most of the warm weather while indulging in authentic camp food. 

As the sun sets, play a card game, then take turns sharing ghost stories, reminiscing about your finest trips and singing family favorite songs that are constantly on your road trip playlists. Then, put up a sheet and project movies and shows onto it, and you’ll ask yourself why you’ve never camped at home with your family before.

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