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7 Adventurous Fall Activities Any Couples Can Enjoy Together

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Wanna be more adventurous but stay cautiously safe? However, Autumn can be enjoyable. Here are some of the best things to do this fall while staying safe socially:

1. Camping Vibes

There has always been a good reason; so many love getting outdoors and enjoying Mother Nature. It’s now the most popular socially distanced way individuals are switching up their living environs and creating memorable vacations. If you and your significant other don’t enjoy the RV/van life, renting a cabin is always a wonderful solution. Quality time in a new environment like the woods or canyons can strengthen any connection.

For example, Margarida Rafael, a licensed clinical psychologist based in Lisbon, Portugal, states, “If you are in nature at night, where everyone is a ‘bit more vulnerable,’ the bonding becomes stronger.”

Nothing is more romantic than cuddling up under the starry skies as you enjoy wine and s’mores by a bonfire. You will also get to see how adventurous or resourceful your new boo is as you two explore the area while walking or hiking. Many national parks are wheelchair accessible as well, such as Sequoia National Park. 

2. Get Crafty with Your Pumpkin 

Feeling nostalgic? Head to the pumpkin patch and pick out a couple of good pumpkins together to carve. Whether you like picking small ones or big ones, make sure the pumpkins have intact stems.

According to Marc Evan of Maniac Pumpkin Carvers, “The stem is the lifeline to the pumpkin, providing moisture and nutrients even after it’s been cut from the vine. A missing stem or one that’s brown and brittle means your pumpkin won’t last as long.”

It is best to wait to go to the pumpkin patch until you and your partner are ready to carve. Pumpkins are fruit and rot quickly if they sit for a while. Carving pumpkins is always messy, so pick a surface that does not stain easily. The easiest thing is to place down a plastic disposable table cloth before craving. 

The fun part of this activity is that you can be as creative as you want. You can always use pumpkin carving stencils, or you can go free-hand to display one of your favorite Halloween quotes. Painting pumpkins is also fun. Whatever you decide to do, make it fun!

3. Visit An Apple Orchard and Make A Sweet Treat

Want to show your sweet side? Visiting an apple orchard is definitely a traditional fall date, but you can make it interesting by planning to make caramel apples together after. It only takes three steps to make caramel apples. All you will need is four apples, milk, butter, craft sticks, and a 5/8 (14 ounce) package of individually wrapped caramels. 

First, remove the stem from each apple and press a craft stick into the top. Butter a baking sheet and place caramels and milk in a microwave-safe bowl in the microwave for two minutes. Stir it and allow it to cool briefly. Then roll each apple quickly in caramel sauce until well coated. Lastly, place on the baking sheet to set. Cleaning up hot sticky caramel can be quite a hassle, so you’ll get to see if your significant other is a keeper if they offer to take on dish duty after, too.  

4. Get Spooky at a Haunted House or Virtual Escape Room

Get in the Halloween spirit together by visiting a haunted house or virtual escape room. Although it is embarrassing to seem like a scaredy-cat in front of a new love interest, showing your vulnerability will help create a stronger bond.

According to Laurel House, Celebrity Dating Coach and host of the podcast Man Whisperer, “Your fear allows you to be vulnerable, which causes your emotional walls to drop.” 

Do you really enjoy famous historical haunted places? Try out the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana. Visitors can eat dinner and stay overnight there. If you rather stay home, then try out a virtual escape room like Hogwarts digital Escape Room or The Grimm Escape. Escape rooms require assessing your partner’s weaknesses and allow you to get to know each other’s problem-solving skills. It is a great way to learn which one thrives better as a leader or a supporter.

5. Fall in Love Under the Stars

Don’t have the time or energy to go camping but want to stargaze? No worries. You can bond while visiting a virtual planetarium tour online. There are many to choose from, and they are free. It might seem childish, but it could be very romantic. Just ask Ross Geller and Rachel Green.  

Make it extra special by having some delicious cider or coffee. It is a great way to support local cafes or cideries. Warm coffee or spiked cider can boost the cozy feel. If you never tried cider before, google your city’s name plus “cider” and place your order from a local vendor.  

6. Wild As Horses

Dating an animal lover? Horseback riding is the perfect date because you and your significant other can connect with beautiful creatures while enjoying the amazing scenery. Nothing is as intriguing as witnessing the color change of leaves as you travel along together. So pack up a picnic basket and find an interesting trail. Horseback riding is enjoyable for many disabled individuals as well. It is very therapeutic.

7. Create Your Own Oktoberfest

Is your partner sad about Oktoberfest being canceled? Take matters into your own hands and plan your own in your backyard or local park. Jam out to Bavarian tunes as you whip up some soft pretzels and try out some local craft beers. You can also have contests like the best dirndls and lederhosen. Just remember to drink responsibly.

Many of these activities require wearing a mask. If you struggle to keep one on for long periods of time, there is no need to stress.

These activities are only a few of many couples can enjoy. You can always plan a scary movie trivia night, a virtual cooking class, or a puzzle night. It does not take much to have fun-filled autumn!

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