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What Does Your House Style Say About You

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A personal environment is extremely important for one’s well-being. As such, it’s no wonder that there’s a clear link between one’s personality and the house style they’ve chosen for themselves. It’s an interesting thing to think about; your home’s layout and overall look might allow others to get to know you a bit better. What’s more, you might learn some things about yourself that you weren’t consciously aware of before. Let’s dive in.

A Modern House with Neutral Colors and Possibly Even Metal Details

House Style Say About You

A modern, sleek, almost minimal-like home, thanks to the uniformity of neutral colors and potential metal details that add the more urban vibe, is a rather popular house style these days. It also tells a lot about its owner. In general, this is a person who values current trends and has a strong focus on their career. As such, they might not be spending too much time in their home. More often than not, such houses are typically viewed as a place to sleep and maybe get into some TV shows when there’s no work to deal with. Another view could involve people who typically travel often and don’t tend to spend too much time inside their own homes.

Contemporary, Rancher-Style Homes with Open Floor Plan

Even though ranch homes have been popular decades ago, they’ve returned with their own contemporary twist to accommodate people looking for simpler living and more convenience. North Carolina is currently a leader when it comes to the ranch home boom, so much so that one can’t miss the rise of ranch homes for sale and other areas that have been the hotspots for new homeowners. Aside from the obvious convenience and more space, people looking to settle in rancher-style houses generally like the idea of having their kitchen and dining room as the heart of a home. This is ideal for people who enjoy having a big company a lot, be it a large family or someone who likes throwing parties for their friends.

Rustic House with Wooden Finishes and Warm Colors

House Style Say About You

Another house style that’s rapidly gaining popularity is undoubtedly the bungalows and other rustic-inspired homes. These homes usually feature a lot of wood finishes and warm colors, making them perfect for mindful and cozy living. It can be said that people living in these houses are generally interested in their spiritual self and appreciate nature. They typically consider their living environment a huge part of their own personality and enjoy spending some quality time on their own as well as with their friends and family members. Also, the owners tend to be very detail-oriented and generally immersed in all sorts of home maintenance projects.

Tuscan-Style, Gated Estates

House Style Say About You

These homes are very popular in new suburbs and major cities that mark all sorts of industry development. People who typically occupy these homes tend to enjoy a life of comfort and luxury above anything else. While some can be more expressive and eccentric in their lifestyle, others may be more straight-laced and career-oriented. Owners of these estates tend to be very particular about their own security, which is why it’s common to see these houses equipped with security cameras, high walls, and similar. It’s the little details that will reveal what end of the spectrum the owner belongs to. The more whimsical decorative bits there are, the quirkier the owner is likely to be.

Gothic or Neoclassical House with a Vintage Touch

House Style Say About You

These houses are definitely a visual treat, and therefore, it’s easy to say that their owners tend to appreciate the aesthetic value of elaborate old-school and vintage design a lot. These people are deeply rooted in their own past, tend to feel a kind of nostalgia for the old eras, or simply have a strong fascination with specific historical periods. Their sophisticated nature creates an air of mystery around them, but they can take themselves a bit too seriously. It’s also not uncommon for some owners to embrace the more eclectic way of décor for their vintage home, mixing and pairing different styles and periods, thus expressing themselves creatively through their home as well.

Did you recognize yourself in some of the examples above? Regardless of these beliefs, the most important thing is to stay true to your own tastes and preferences and choose a house style that will keep you happy. 


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