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My friends Laugh At My Insecurities! What Should I Do?

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In a life full of ups and downs

Just put on a smile and drop the frowns.

It ain’t too big for worries

Live in the moment without any hurries.

We all have blues and often shed tears.

Just live, love, laugh, and give up on your fears.

How do your friends treat you?

Do you find it difficult to share your vulnerabilities with your friends? 

Do your friends make fun of your issues? 

Do they add fuel to your insecurities? 

Do you find it hard to share your problem with friends due to the fear of judgment? 

If the answer to any above questions is YES, that its’ time to question yourself whether they are even your real friends or not? Because true friends never judge their friends for their problems rather help to deal with the issues.

How do you get out of such situations?

Though friends play a very crucial role in our lives, they’re like a backbone—our partners in crime and our biggest strength. If your friends rule you, they are not your buddies; dear, they are your biggest foes. 

It would be best to avoid such people who fail to understand you or make fun of your vulnerabilities.

Be your best friend

Every human on this planet has some self-doubt. Be it related to the body, the way we look, how we perform, related to academic success, career, knowledge, or anything else. One should learn to deal with their uncertainties rather than run away from them. It is not a stigma. If your friends insult you by showing your vulnerable side to others, they are just making things worst for you. If this repeatedly happens in such cases, leaving so-called fake friends is the best thing you can do for yourself. 

Try to be your own best friend; this will help you do better and overcome what is bothering you.

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Recognize toxic people

If people laugh at you or your hesitancy and make you feel terrible about it, trust me, they are toxic for you. The root cause of dilemmas is people; who judge you and make you feel distressed about yourself. You will be able to heal when you get rid of such friends. They are just like those weeds which prevent the flowering plants from blooming.

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  • Never think you are alone or don’t have anyone to share your issues with.
  • Let your journal be your best friend.
  • Pen down everything that happened with you, everything you are grateful for, everything bothering you, and then notice the magic. This will make you feel calm and relieved.

This is an underrated method, but once you try it, you will enjoy it. 


In this fast-moving world, people are so much absorbed in their work that they forget to take out some time for socialization, due which there is non-fulfillment of their social needs, and it results in frustration among themselves because no man is an island. Gone are those times when people possessed real friends in their life. In modern times, the word ‘friend’ is nothing more than ‘co-mates. 

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To find some good friends, you need to socialize. You can visit book clubs, comedy clubs, seminars, open mic shows, and other places. You will definitely find more people like you and better people to hang out with.

Stand-up for yourself

It’s a fact that one has to change with time, else he’ll be left far behind. Don’t be sad if you do not have good friends to spend time with. Be your own companion!

Just for once, try to be best friends with yourself, and I assure you, you’ll not regret it. Don’t let people take you for granted. If you do that, you are deceiving yourself. 

Prioritize yourself. Question people who judge you. Give it back to the ones who make fun of you. Stop talking shit. Do not give much importance to what people think of you. Give more time and attention to yourself. No one is worth your time as much as you. Practice self-love as it washes away all the sorrows and negativity from your life, and notice that you will do so many things you never knew you could.


The way you handle things in your life determines your mindset. In the end, this defines you as a person. It’s time to get a new lease of life and widen your mindset to rise above the shackles of society. “You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” ― C.S. Lewis.

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