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Lose Weight Without Sacrificing The Quality Of Our Life By Esther Avant

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Our life is far too precious to be sacrificed for toned abs and hourglass figures; we all want to live it the way we wish. It is definitely unfair to ignore your favorite foods that satisfy your heart for impractical diet plans. Listen, ladies, it is essential to stay fit and healthy, but you don’t really have to sacrifice the quality of your life for achieving the same. 

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Esther Avant, certified sports nutritionist, personal trainer, and the founder of Esther Avant coaching.

Esther comes with 15 years of expertise in the fitness and wellness industry; she specializes in helping women lose weight without their quality of life or health. 

Our mission

Esther Avant wellness coaching focuses through the foundation on laying out a step-by-step process to master the big rocks, the few key behaviors, and how to make them feel habitual so that their journey of losing weight and setting themselves to maintain it becomes much easier.

“We want you to be successful with your weight loss mission not for just 6 weeks or 6 months but for 6 years, 60 years, and 600 years”- Esther.

Weight Loss mindset mastery

Many face mental problems like lack of belief in themselves to complete their weight loss journey that holds them back. The Weight Loss mindset mastery course is a specialized course aimed to deliver aid to the 15 most common obstacles that Esther has noticed when it comes to weight loss. 

Needless restrictive diets

Although Diets may lead to rapid weight loss, they rarely set a person off to maintain those results once the diet ends” – Esther.

Esther Avant coaching follows the opposite of restrictive diets. We teach you to be more flexible with your approach, focus on eating more nutrient-rich foods and also fit in the foods that you really enjoy and enhance the quality of your life. We believe this mantra will make you a lot more likely to be successful in the long run, and unlike diets, it’s not just a transition period that we offer. Shaping your environment that supports your choices is a great measure to stick to your weight loss goal. 

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