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The School of Modern Etiquette by Monika Walczak

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“There is etiquette behind wearing the right tie, remembering people’s names, handling situations when someone doesn’t accept your friend request on social media” – Monika.

Who are we?

“The School of Modern Etiquette teaches the traditional principles of etiquette in a way that it is relevant in the ever-changing modern world. We also provide consultancy in the field of social etiquette, dining, and business.” – Monika.

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Monika Walczak, an academic professional and the founder of The School of Modern Etiquette.

In this session, we have managed to address common etiquette manners that we often neglect during different events like dining, wedding, a date, business meetings, etc.

Furthermore, we have covered Ms. Monika’s perspective on how etiquettes hone one’s personality and the challenges of being a female entrepreneur. 

Our programs

“We normally provide the classes in-person and online for the students but, this year due to the pandemic, we have shifted to pre-recorded classes which will be available before our students anytime, and they have the option to complete the course at their own pace.” – Monika

Common mistakes during dining:

  • Seasoning food before tasting.
  • Tasting a sip of a drink with a mouthful of food.
  • Leaving your napkin on the plate, instead keep it to your left.

Social Etiquette vs Professional Etiquette 

“Professional etiquette is an extension to Social etiquette. Social etiquette is all about building strong, meaningful, and healthy relationships professionally and personally. It is a set of rules and principles that are meant to help the students confidently navigate all kinds of social situations such as weddings, coffee with a friend, a date, a conference, or a business meeting. Professional etiquette, on the other hand, is more than just being kind to your colleague or business partner; it’s more about building a sustainable workspace.” – Monika

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