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7 Tips for How to Plan Your Wedding

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Over two million Americans get married every year, which shows we’re a nation of hopeless romantics.

Although preparing for your big day sounds overwhelming, there are ways you can make organizing easier. Perhaps you’re planning your wedding day, but you’re worried that you’ll miss an important element.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. Here are seven tips on how to plan your wedding.

1. Outline Your Budget 

One of the most important wedding planning tips is knowing your budget. This will determine the type of venue, size of the guest list, and catering options. 

Regardless of your budget, find ways to save money as your planning your wedding. For instance, design invitations yourself or hire a loved one to DJ for the night. 

2. Create a Guest List 

It’s wise to plan your wedding online so you can create a to-do list. An important step is choosing who to invite and how many the venue can hold. Discuss with your partner whether you want an intimate ceremony or to invite everyone you know. 

As a general rule, send out invites around eight weeks before the big day, so guests have time to RSVP. 

3. Choose a Venue 

The next step for planning your wedding is choosing a venue. Decide which one best suits your needs, whether it’s in a lavish hotel or outdoors. If you need help with your decision-making, then visit Weelopednashville for inspiration.   

4. Decide on Accommodation

Finding accommodation is especially crucial if you’re getting married in rural locations. Plus, you must organize transport to accommodate those who can’t drive. 

In advance, check out local Airbnb options and figure out who is staying together. 

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4. Design an Inclusive Menu 

Consider your guests when you’re figuring out food options. Alongside the invite, ask everyone whether they have any dietary requirements, such as veggies or allergies. 

You can choose whether you want a full sit-down meal or a buffet for guests to graze. This will depend on the size of your party and budget. Plus, decide whether you want a simple or elaborate wedding cake to commemorate the day.  

6. Consider Seating  

Looking for wedding tips? 

Choose whether you want to be assigned or casual seating, depending on your preference. Doing so gives you creative freedom, so you set the tone for your big day. 

7. Hire a Wedding Photographer 

There’s no better way to immortalize your big day than with a wedding photographer. As you browse options, check out each photographer’s portfolio and reviews for honest feedback.

Note, you should love the wedding photographer’s style, so consider this before hiring them.  

Wrapping up!

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know how to plan your wedding. 

Start by figuring out your budget, decide who to invite, and find your dream venue. Then, you can curate the ultimate menu and hire a photographer to shoot the big day. Good luck! 

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