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In Conversation with Ken Clay: CEO of Trackit Technology

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An entrepreneur at heart, Ken Clay has made a career out of actualizing his passions and visions. With an extensive professional network that ranges from executives of fortune 500 companies to professional athletes. Ken has quickly established himself as an upcoming business leader through various industries.

As the CEO of Trackit Technology, Ken oversees all of the firm’s day-to-day operations, contract negotiations, client relations, brand management, and developmental efforts.

Ken’s track record of developing business and cultivating deep, meaningful relationships with his clients continues to be at the forefront of Trackit Technology’s agenda.

In today’s touchless world, Ken is most excited about the potential of his company’s product across multiple industries. As a lifelong visionary, his passion has always been to create the future he wants to see.

Can you give me an overview of Trackit?

For Brands, Trackit is a network of displays that offers a means to target specific micro audiences at events and venues.

However, in today’s market, Trackit’s Touchless Care Check-in technology provides an unparalleled solution to increase efficiency in any guest or patient check-in process. 

Where did the idea for Trackit come from? 

The idea for Trackit came 3 years ago when we built a software solution for an event management company to help provide transparency for the event. Covering everything from where the shuttles were, to uploading, updating, and distributing the itinerary via an app for the guest.

I quickly realized that people didn’t want to download another app, especially for just an event, and learned that the rest estate on a person’s phone is very special. So, we quickly adapted and moved our software to digital signage and on kiosks. 

After doing that, we discovered we could make this scalable, make it so any business, event, or industry could leverage additional signage to elevate their guest and employee experience. 

What was your age when you started your company, and what makes you be your own boss?

In Conversation with Ken Clay: CEO of Trackit Technology

I started my consulting company 38th Street Studios about 5 years ago, with Trackit starting 3 years ago. My passion for entrepreneurship began in college when I was interning for another entrepreneur. I thought I wanted to be a sports agent, but watching how my boss handled himself, as well as his approach to work, I learned I wanted to be able to solve and work through my own problems and create something for himself, which was something I wouldn’t be able to do working under someone else. 

What does a typical day of an entrepreneur look like, and how do you make it productive?

The first thing I do is write down a schedule for the things I want to get done that day. Knowing that any moment my attention could be drawn to anything from new opportunities to an arising problem, it’s good to keep down something to help keep me on track for the day. 

As for a typical day, I wake up and try to get my Peloton workout in. It helps me both mentally and physically before I get into the grind of checking my emails. I’ll get in contact with my right-hand man, Eric Tseng, on what we need to do that day to keep the ball moving forward before talking to the team and motivating them to win the day.

After everyone is on the same page, and I feel we’re in a position to win, I work on Client Relationships, reach out to them, check in on them, and see how our products are doing. After that, I finish my day working on business development. 

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?

In 10 years, I see Trackit in the events and hospitality space entirely. In 10 years, I’d hope to be considered a leader in the digital signage space and touchless interactive solutions.

What does success look like to you?

To me, success looks like being able to build a large enough company to be able to provide jobs for people.

Whether it be in the tech space for those who want to create creative solutions, or even in marketing for those with just creative minds—just being able to provide opportunities for other people. 

The Entrepreneur who you are most inspired by?

I’ve never met this person before, but Jack Dorsey, the CEO, and founder of Twitter and Square. His ability to stick to his instincts and grow not one but two multi-billion-dollar tech companies is inspiring. I gravitate towards Jack because growing his businesses and following his passion wasn’t just about the money, but also about creating freedom and putting yourself in a position to give back. For example, he is A HUGE advocate for minorities and females in tech.

What advice would you like to give to millennials?

The biggest advice I’d give is to block out the noise. I think people struggle to identify who exactly the millennials are, and they get clumped in other random categories for the worst, even though millennials can be in their 40’s now.

I think millennials are some of the hardest working. As well as some of the most creative people by nature, and because they grew up during the rise of technology. We are constantly able to grow and evolve with the world and tech that’s growing and developing around us.

What is one habit of yours that makes you more productive as an inspiring entrepreneur?

Resilience, as I have a habit of being unable to take no for an answer, or to just lie down and give up. It’s definitely stubborn to some degree. But I don’t care what people think, especially because I’m never afraid to reach out to somebody. Even someone I don’t know, or reach out about an idea and pursuing it. Not sure if it’s a habit, but it’s definitely my strongest trait.

How can readers follow you on social media?

You can follow me personally on Twitter, @KenClay60, and keep up with everything we’re doing on Instagram @TrackItMedia

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