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Why You Can Be Happy Without A Relationship 

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Some people feel that everyone needs to have a partner in order to be happy. Some people even pity those who are alone because they think they couldn’t be enjoying their lives or are missing out on something. Although it’s true that there are certainly some fantastic benefits to being in a great relationship, it’s also true that it isn’t and should never be the only thing to focus on in life. There are other things that are equally as important, or perhaps even more important.

It can be a hard situation to find yourself in, however. If you’ve been used to being in a relationship and now find yourself alone, or you haven’t been able to find love even though you’ve been looking, you might feel disheartened. Yet the reality is that once you realize you really don’t have to have a partner to be happy, your life will improve, and you might even find a relationship because you’re no longer trying quite so hard (or at all). Considering this, keep reading to discover why you can be happy without a romantic partner. 

You Can Know Yourself 

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When you start to think about it, many people, no matter if they have a relationship or not, find that they just don’t really know who they are. This can cause them to be supremely unhappy, even if they don’t quite know why it is they feel that way; they just know something isn’t quite right. 

If you are invested in a relationship, it can be hard to really take the time you need to get to know yourself. This means it’s a challenge to discover what it is you really want or why you feel the way you do because you’ll always have other people to worry about and focus on. Even in the best relationships, where you have plenty of opportunities and space to do whatever it is you want, you’ll still be thinking of others, meaning you’re never fully focused on yourself. 

When you’re not in a relationship, you have all the time you need and the energy to put into discovering who you really are. You’ll be happier and more in tune with yourself. Plus, if you need to make changes in your life, you can do it without worrying about how that might affect a partner. Finally, when you are sure about yourself and know yourself well, any relationship you do enter into will be a much more stable and happy one. You might even decide that matchmaking services would be the perfect way to meet someone new because you will be able to have a clearer idea of just who you are and, therefore, exactly who and what you want in a relationship. 

Freedom And Independence

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When you are in a relationship, you’ll often have to compromise on things, and you’ll always be considering how your partner feels and what they want. Ideally, they’ll be doing the same for you. Despite the fact that this is a great way to make a relationship work, with both of you compromising, the truth is that this also means that neither of you ever get what you really want. Even if your partner gives you the freedom to choose something, you’ll always have their preferences in mind when you do so – it will never be entirely your choice, even if it feels like it is. 

As mentioned, that is not a problem for some, and they are happy to make compromises if they are in a relationship. However, if this isn’t what you want to do and you prefer to have complete independence and freedom in your life, you might be happier if you are not in a relationship. 

When you are single, you can make decisions based solely on your own thoughts and feelings and what you want to do – or don’t want to do. You can make your life exactly as you want it to be, and you can do whatever you want, whether that’s traveling to a dream destination, pursuing a certain career (or making a career change), or just making decisions on the spot that would normally be something you had to discuss with someone else. 

Stronger Connections

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One problem that many people have about the idea of being single is that they equate this with being lonely. That will, of course, be exactly right for some people – those who really do want a relationship – but for those who specifically like the idea of being single, loneliness doesn’t have to come into it at all. 

The fact is that when you aren’t in a relationship, you have the ideal opportunity to make new friends and strengthen your existing connections. When you have a romantic partner, this isn’t always easy. In a toxic relationship, they won’t want you to make any new friends (and you might not be given the opportunity to anyway), and may not be able to be with your old ones very much either. Even in a good relationship, you’ll need to prioritize your partner most of the time. However, when you’re single, you can choose exactly what you do and who you are with. You can enjoy making some beautiful and deep emotional connections with the worry of a romantic entanglement as well. 

Having friends in life is crucial. It’s good for your emotional and mental health and means you can experience a lot more than you might otherwise. Whether you see friends in person or simply chat once in a while over a video call, having these connections is extremely important, and these lifetime friendships can be just as fulfilling as a romantic relationship (sometimes even more so). 

Spending Time Alone 

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When you’re in a relationship, finding time to be completely alone is hard. Although having friends and making connections is important, it’s also important to be able to spend time alone at times, and when you’re not in a relationship, this is much easier to do. 

Being alone allows you to focus on self-care, relaxation, mindfulness, and other important elements of a happy, healthy life. Ensure you find time to be by yourself and use that time to grow as a person, perhaps by learning more about something, gaining a new skill, or just unwinding without any interruptions. It’s amazing how beneficial this can be. 

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