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How do you Follow Your Passion and Succeed in your Career

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I guess I was lucky that I always knew I wanted to be a famous singer. But a funny thing happened on my way to Vegas (YES! I really did perform in Las Vegas.) On my journey to Vegas, I learned that I also had a talent for logical thinking. How did I learn that? I took the suggestion of my high school counselor and completed a skills assessment test before I left high school.

The counselor told me I would excel in computers or at being a lawyer. Several years later, a computer job came available, and even though I knew nothing about computers, I decided to try it. I LOVED it! Over the years, I became very successful and was also able to sing part-time.

YOU can have multiple successes in YOUR life too. How? 

First off, be honest with yourself and find your PASSION. 

If money was no object, what would you like to be or do for the rest of your life? For me, it was – and STILL IS – singing. I LOVE to sing. So whatever you LOVE to do should be your first choice of career options.

It doesn’t matter whether you are good at it yet or if you can’t afford to get a college degree in that field. If you love it – GO FOR IT! Keep trying; keep looking for ways to make it work. Don’t give up. If it takes too long to get that job, find another that can keep you going, but never give up your dream.

There are many examples of people that changed jobs or careers late in life and became very successful. Susan Boyle – singer at 47, Grandma Moses – painter 70, Ray Croc – McDonald’s 59, even Thomas Edison was 32 when he perfected the light bulb for commercial production.

The second way to find a career is to “take the test.”

Few websites have about a dozen different tests to help you find your hidden talents. Check out as many as you need to find one that fits YOU the best. Then start surfing the net for openings and job descriptions to learn what the qualifications are required for the job you want. 

The third way to find a career is to create a small circle of advisors.

Select 2-4 successful people that you trust and that are either doing something you would like to do or that know you well enough to suggest what THEY think you might be good at.

To become successful – hang out with successful people. If those types of people are not available to you physically, get online, and reach out to LinkedIn, Facebook, or another online group that seems interesting to you.

Ask questions, volunteer to help with projects at their company. Do anything you can to learn more about them and the way they do business. If you are still in school, apply for an Internship. Many people launch their careers by getting in the trenches (at the job) and learning while working for school credits.


When we “work” in the field of our passion, we excel and have more endurance. I overcame obstacle after obstacle in my life from Orphanage, to Foster Homes, to alcoholistic blended family, to emancipated minor & finally on to a successful career in music – all the way to Las Vegas – AND created a successful career in corporate America in the computer field. (Remember, I discovered my hidden talent for computers through the career assessment test. I also tested out for a lawyer…..nah…not for me)

What will YOU do now? 

Take a step – take a test – set a goal – and start your journey to a successful life doing something that you love, or something that comes easily to you. No matter which – get out there – or get online and keep trying until you succeed!

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Danny Vann
Born in 1953 the oldest of six kids, Danny Vann has faced many challenges in his life. He is a foster care survivor and a prime example of how to overcome life’s obstacles. He has been inspiring and motivating people for decades through his professional music, corporate leadership and church fellowship roles. He began his 45 year entertaining career at 16 - performing around the USA, in Las Vegas and Internationally throughout Canada and Nova Scotia.

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