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How to Make A Good Impression On Your First Date

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Going on a date with someone for the first time is both exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. There’s the excitement of spending alone time with a person you admire, but there’s also nervousness about messing things up and missing the chance of taking things forward.

Therefore goes the saying – the first impression is the last impression – and on a first date, it holds very true! So, if you want to make a lasting impression on your first date and land a second one, we have the advice you need!

Dress up well and be presentable.

Your appearance obviously plays a crucial role in making the first impression. Keep a few things in mind when you are picking your dress.

Firstly, make sure you are comfortable with it. Just because you want to impress, don’t pick a dress that is out of your comfort zone – you certainly don’t want any end-moment dress disasters! Also, your choice of clothes should be suitable for the chosen place.

Arrive on time or early but never late.

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You may be a latecomer otherwise. But when it comes to the first date, remember this rule – never be late! It’s not good to be the other one waiting; it shows you don’t respect their time. If you are running late due to a genuine reason, keep them posted about it.

Greet them politely.

Then comes the first greeting. It can be confusing the way you should greet someone when you meet for the first time. Should you shake hands? Or should you greet them with a hug? Or should you say hi from a distance?

Well, people and situations are different. But if you’re not sure, we’d say the last one seems a much safer option than the others. Greet them politely, in a soft voice.

Be yourself – don’t fake it.

Although they say fake it till you make it, that advice does not apply in this context. In fact, on dates, you should be yourself.

If you try to imitate someone else, they will notice it unless you are a good actor. Jokes apart, they want to know the real you – so have confidence and act naturally.

Radiate confidence.

Your body language is equally important when it comes to impressing your date. No one likes a stooped posture, dull eyes, and sulking behavior. At the same time, people don’t find overconfidence charming either.

So, strike a middle ground – present yourself with confidence, talk humbly and make sure your choice of words is positive.

Make eye contact and say your friend’s name.

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Another crucial aspect of body language is making eye contact while conversing with your date. It shows that you are paying attention and actively listening to them. Similarly, respectfully address them with their name whenever needed.

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Avoid talking too much; be a good listener.

If you only keep talking about yourself, your date can find you arrogant. Communication is always a two-way street.

So while talking about yourself is absolutely fine, you must ask about the other person. Be a good listener when they are saying something and take an interest in knowing more about it!

Don’t reveal too much about yourself.

Even though you trust the person you’re going out with – it is still not recommended to reveal too much personal information about yourself during the first date. Wait until you’ve met them a couple of times before getting into the personal details.

Move beyond small talk.

You spoke about your family, the weather, the work you do, the latest movies you watched, but then what? So, to avoid any awkward silences, think of stories that you can share with your date beforehand.

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Don’t ask very personal questions.

You don’t want to make things awkward for your date. Do not ask extremely personal questions that can be uncomfortable for them to answer. If you end up saying something like that, immediately acknowledge, apologize and change the subject.

Pick light topics for conversation.

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During your first date, you hardly know the other person, their likes, dislikes, political opinions, world views, etc. So, instead of bringing in controversial or offensive topics, talk about lighter topics such as travel, hobbies, interests, favorite places, food, culture. You may even discover some commonalities. For example, if you both love Italian cuisine, you could plan your next date at an Italian restaurant.

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Keep your phone away.

It is really disrespectful to keep using your phone when in the company of your date. Texting, calls, and social media notifications can wait for later. Be completely present and attentive when you’re out with a special someone.

Treat the restaurant staff kindly.

Along with observing you, your date sees your conduct with others around you. It all matters if you want your date to like you. So, be humble and treat the restaurant staff or anyone else with kindness. Do not talk rudely, use cuss words, or look down upon anyone.

Don’t argue about payment.

Some women assume men should pay on the first date. Some prefer splitting up the bill equally. There can be no right or wrong to this; it all varies from person to person. But, go with the situation and do not argue too much about it during your date. You can negotiate these things on the following few dates once you know the other person better.


While you’re absolutely clueless about how your date will go, with the help of a few tips, you can at least feel more ready for it.

You want to be your best self to make a good, lasting impression on your first date. Remember to dress well, arrive on time, talk politely, and be fully present during the date. Do this and if you both hit it off well, plan your second date right away!

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