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How to Make Your First Valentine’s Day as a Couple Memorable?

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Valentine’s day is when we honor catholic clergyman St. Valentine; it is also a special festival celebrated on 14th February every year to celebrate and admire love and friendship.

There can be different ways to celebrate this day and make it memorable as a couple, like a Romantic dinner date, gifts with a special touch, or thoughtful cards.

Let’s find some excellent ideas to make this day a special one, especially if you have just started dating.

Get To Know Each Other

Valentine’s Day is something that couples usually wait for, especially when they have started dating recently. Before planning on any special gift or surprise, it is important to get to know each other; thus, it will help you understand the likes and dislikes of each other. You can also chat about what you expect to form the relationship or your partner happy. This day is all about making each other feel special, and nothing can be a better option to start with better understanding and expressing your love.

Personalized Gifts

sexy gift ideas

Being in a new relationship sounds exciting; however, it can be stressful sometimes. Especially when it is about gifts, and you have no idea about your partner’s taste. Therefore, one needs to be cautious about the pictures but not overboard with them. Considering gift ideas with a personal touch and added value is a good idea; you may purchase a unique antique piece from a store or customize something with your bare hands; remember, gifts should reflect affection.

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Going Out Together

For some new couples, valentine’s evening might be the first date. To make your valentine’s day special, planning a day out or planning a weekend tour will also work. This will not only get you out of your comfort zone, but also you will get more time to spend with each other away from the usual lifestyle like work, family, bills, etc.

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Start New Tradition

True Love on Dating Apps

A new relationship is more like a clean slate. So, a couple can choose whatever they want to put on their plate, an old-fashioned way of adding a modern touch to their plans. It entirely depends upon your own choice. The same thing applies to the event of valentine’s day too. You can decide to spend an evening free from technology or watch old romantic movies or go to a restaurant, even planning a date on the same spot you met first is one of the most exemplary ideas.

Make Some Music

Create a playing list according to your choice of romantic songs. Include the best love songs that might spark a special memory with your partner. Just pour a glass of wine, play the list of selected music you are together with, and enjoy. Even if you two are not taking the music will do.

Overthinking is Bad


Overthinking leads to overreacting & might affect a relationship negatively. It is said that mental health is essential to keep relationships healthy, and that’s why it is important not to overthink, to balance relationships. There is no pressure on you to make everything perfect; a relationship is a 50-50 partnership, and a person who loves you will love you with all your flaws. Overthinking even may lead to comparing your relationship or plans with others, which is not healthy for a new relationship. There is no particular rule that needs to be followed to do the things that will strengthen the bond.

Last-Minute Plan

travel couples

People who stay busy in their professional life get a very few times to arrange a luxury surprise plan. Such couples can celebrate the day in their very own house. Not necessarily all plans have to be fancy. Taking a break from your everyday routine, going for a walk in the morning or making breakfast together, creating a scrapbook even playing games together isn’t a bad idea at all.

Long Drive Sound Good

Going for a long drive is a good idea as chocolates or flowers. If you want to go away from the locality but got no place to go, try going for a long drive. You will be out of your comfort zone, explore new places, and will have a taste of adventure. Travel itself is a romantic endeavor; planning a road trip on valentine’s day can be proven to be the best date option.

Wear Your Lucky Color

Colors have been known for centuries to impact our thought processes and behavior. Hence wearing colors that suit as per numerology also helps in enhancing communication and putting the foundation of strong bonding.

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Other than this, writing a romantic letter, unexpected gifts, creating a personalized setup, taking a hike, and many other ideas can be there to make the day special.

But above all, understanding and love are the best gifts you can give to your partner. And this is why gifts and plans with personal touch and efforts are more valuable than the expensive and luxurious ones if they have a minimum market price.

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