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7 Tips to Stay Healthy This Rainy Season

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“Rain, rain go away, Little Johnny doesn’t want the flu.” Yeah, I know it doesn’t rhyme, but things don’t need to rhyme to be true.

The rain brings us life and energy. The monsoon season brings its relief from the scorched earth. However, heavy rains are not only very cooling but also come with mosquito breeding sites and moist environments, which can lead to the rapid spread of microbe-borne diseases. 

Malaria, dengue, influenza, chikungunya fever, leptospirosis, etc., are some of the common health conditions that threaten your health during the rainy season.

You can only enjoy the rainy season if you and your loved ones are in good health. Here are seven basic health tips for staying healthy during the monsoon:

1. Make sure you drink clean water

It is very common to have stomach problems during the rain as the water resources are likely to be contaminated. The best option for clean drinking water is to install the right water filter in your home, based on the water filtration needs of your area. Another safe option is to boil drinking water before using it. If traveling, keep a bottle of water or use only sealed bottled water.

2. Load up on probiotics and fresh vegetables

It is advisable to keep the intestinal flora happy at all times. Take enough probiotics like curd and yogurt. This ensures a healthy level of good bacteria. Always avoid stale foods as they can attract infection-causing bacteria early on. Add fresh vegetables to your diet and get plenty of protein, fiber, and other nutrients. Wash vegetables well and avoid eating raw foods as much as possible.

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3. Avoid street food.

Street food is often spicy junk food and can cause bloating, heartburn, and indigestion. You may also not know what is in the food that is sold at the food stalls. Vegetables and water used to prepare food can be exposed to constant moisture and become contaminated. These unsanitary conditions can cause various infections, from typhoid fever to cholera.

4. Refrain from dancing in the rain.

It’s normal to enjoy a rain shower. However, contaminants and dirt can get trapped in the skin and hair and may cause damage. 

If you wish, spend some time in the rain but avoid prolonged downpours. Buy, try to immediately after soaking, and take a hot bath.

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5. Binge on fruits that increase immunity.

One apple a day really helps cleanse the toxins in the liver and boost immunity. Vitamin C-rich fruits like oranges and sweet lime are considered one of the healthiest ways to boost immunity and fight infection. Fruits are a natural source of vitamins and minerals that are essential for a person to maintain health and fitness.

Healthy tip: Prefer to eat small-small meals once every few hours.

6. Use insect repellent to avoid mosquitoes.

Do not intentionally walk on paths that are paved or filled with excess rainwater. They are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, carriers of certain deadly diseases such as malaria and dengue. Use insect repellents and mosquito nets, and wear long-sleeved clothing when you go out, especially at night.

7. Prioritize your health and do not delay diagnostic tests.

Many illnesses are associated with fever, cold symptoms, and joint and muscle pain. Your doctor may recommend that you have a specific lab test to confirm your diagnosis. Because without knowing the cause of your symptoms, a doctor can not recommend any medicine. Therefore, it is very important to take care of your health and get the tests suggested by your doctor.

If you have comorbidities and need to get tested from time to time, don’t delay. A smart way to identify symptoms and pick off flare-ups before they get serious is to get a preventive checkup every year. This is an important measure to avoid getting sick.

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