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9 Practical Steps to Achieving Personal Empowerment

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Self-empowerment is a matter of taking control of one’s life. Although having the will and resources to do so does play a key role, there is more to it than that. It is only through accurate goal-setting that you can identify exactly what it is you want out of life, which will then translate into practical steps for you to attain the kind of life where you can influence not only your circumstances but also those around you. 

People who lack empowerment tend to have little power over their lives. The unempowered are at the mercy of those around them, which include their parents, spouses, children, supervisors, or colleagues. 

It gives rise to a vicious cycle which results in their lack of confidence in themselves. Through awareness and self-confidence, it is possible to break out of and change these negative behavior patterns.

Self-Empowerment—What is it?

Self-empowerment is all about taking the sole responsibility for your own future. The process entails making informed decisions, taking actions congruent to those decisions, and having confidence that you can execute those decisions. People who are self-empowered recognize their abilities and shortcomings and strive to improve.

In the event of any layoffs, people can choose seeking a job passively by waiting for recruiters to reach out to them, or do something proactive in securing a new job. 

For example, they can contact their former colleagues, research available opportunities, brush up their technical skills, and revamp their resume. The process of self-empowerment helps individuals realize that they are capable of making decisions that will lead them to success.

So, if they feel that they need to educate themselves, say, in social work to qualify for roles in NGOs working with victims of abuse or any other tragic circumstances, they can study the CSWE accredited online MSW programs, which offer a great many courses in the field of social work and social and individual empowerment. 

On this note, let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can attain self-empowerment. 

Ways to Become Self-Empowered


You can achieve personal empowerment by identifying your sphere of influence, keeping an aspirational and goal-driven mindset, and focusing on reevaluating your drives. 

The following tips can lead to personal empowerment.

1. Establish a to-do list

A person with an empowered mindset takes action, embraces growth, and is comfortable learning new things and developing skills. In addition, they understand that success isn’t achieved overnight, but results from a series of decisions and actions leading up to it. 

Suppose you want to finish your college degree within four years. Make a list of the steps you’ll need to take to accomplish the goal, such as researching about financial aid, signing up for an online course, and setting up a study plan.

2. Positivity is the key

Individuals who think they are in control of their life – instead of letting luck, fate, or circumstances dictate their destiny – tend to take control of the future. Assess your skills and shortcomings, focus on what you enjoy, and trust in your own abilities to develop an optimistic outlook and attitude.

3. Knowledge is power

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Your next step is to gain a better understanding of the situation you are faced with. For instance, if you desire to have more influence over those around you, such as your colleagues, you need to understand how your organization is structured and the pockets of influence inside your office.  

4. Be around positive people

Just like laughter is infectious, so is negativity and pessimism. Therefore, choose your company wisely. When you surround yourself with people who share your goals, you will gain confidence in achieving them. 

Spending time around positive friends, colleagues, or family members helps you heal from a negative experience. When you experience their positivity, you will feel more empowered in achieving your goals, reducing negative feelings, and improving your mental well-being.

5. Think positively about yourself

You can take charge of your life by focusing on your strengths instead of on your weaknesses. For instance, if you wish to be considered for a promotion that requires you to speak Spanish, try saying “I don’t speak Spanish yet, but I will make an effort to learn,” rather than, “I don’t speak Spanish.” The first indicates a willingness to learn.  

By practicing self-affirmation and showing belief that you will accomplish your goals, you’ll be more likely to actually achieve them. Remember that a positive mindset will allow you to achieve so much more.

6. Identify realistic goals

Setting measurable, attainable goals is an essential part of the empowerment process, and knowing how to do so makes you feel proud of your accomplishments. To prepare for a marathon, you should start small, increasing your distances gradually only, rather than trying to run 26.2 miles on your first day on the track.

7. Do Not Be Afraid

A person who strives for self-determination needs to feel comfortable sharing ideas, thoughts, and desires. If you are invited to an event, but have a big presentation the next day, tell the host you will have to leave early in order to prepare. 

If you’re working on a task with a colleague but handling the majority of it, don’t be afraid to ask them for their share of the contribution.

8. Self-care is essential

Self-care is something you should do for yourself as a way to feel healthy and happy. Eat right, exercise, and even get a spa treatment as part of your wellness plan. 

Making the time for relaxation and rejuvenation will boost your productivity. You can also become more confident in your abilities when you are kind to yourself.

9. Know Who You Are

Last, but not the least, learning to know yourself is imperative for self-growth and empowerment. If you don’t know your own shortcomings, how will you be able to improve on them? 

Remember that for growth and self-empowerment, you need to accept yourself. So, don’t hesitate to develop self-awareness and learn what your aspirations are. 

True empowerment will only come about through complete self-awareness. An empowered person is one who is clear about their goals and tries everything within their power to achieve them. 

Final Words

Self-empowered individuals take charge of their future by establishing goals and implementing action plans. In addition to understanding how to get things done, they are focused, confident, and capable of making decisions to steer them in the right direction. It is impossible to lead a more empowered life if you have a low self-esteem or doubt your ability to achieve your goals. We hope that the steps mentioned above will help you in attaining self-empowerment. 

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