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What Stays on During Sex? 30 People Has The Best Answer To It (AskReddit)

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Everyone enjoys sex differently. Some of us enjoy kinky sex, some like missionary, and some have weird fetishes that others might not understand.

We searched Reddit to see what is one thing that people don’t enjoy having sex without, and our fellow Redditors didn’t disappoint. From socks to costumes, you’ll be surprised to learn what stays on when your pants get off.

1. “The ‘Do Not Disturb’ notice.” – FormalWare

2. “The mood lights. Wanna see her, but let’s not make it a stage.” – xanthanahtnax

3. “Glasses. Without them, I’d likely be entering the pillow or fucking the bedpost.” – honkinbooty

4.”Hopefully the libido.” – Maso_TGN

5. “Them psych ward socks with the sticky dots.”

6. “My boyfriend refuses to take off his “guess what? Chicken butt” shirt if he‘s wearing it at the time. Not thrilled by it.

Update: thanks to some Reddit YouTube account, my boyfriend saw this comment.”

7. “The thigh-high crocs ™️.” – addit96

8. “Condoms and socks. Stay safe and warm.” – Melaninberry

9. “According to Marilyn Monroe, the radio.” – CameronCrazy1984

10. “Nipple clamps.” (Mr. Grey enters the chat!)

11. “The Minecraft bedsheets.” – Crazyguy_123

12. “My moustache.” – Eborys

13. “The fan!” – Whiskey_dancer_1

14. “My robe and wizard hat.”

15. “Apple Watch. Gotta hit the move goal.” – Myburneraccountduh

16. “Africa by Toto.” – SayYes_ToKetamine

17. “The positive attitude. Sex isn’t always an immediate success. But nothing ruins your chances of an orgasm quite like being upset about not yet getting an orgasm.”- DanMahBoy

18. “Music. I like the moaning and sloppy love making sounds as much as the next girl, but having faint music on kinda adds to the vibe”

19. “My SonBlock.”

20. “My Ben Ten wrist watch.”- GtotheRANT36

21. “My thigh highs and heels… If I’m wearing them.” – SnooObjections7464

22. “Our wedding rings.” – AFCBlink

23. “The condom. I like nutting balls-deep but I’m not trying to have any kids so condoms are the MVP.” – wickedblight

24. “The beret stays on.” – Cansado_17

25. “Her wig.” – HerobrinePE_YT

26. “The white sheet that settles between for purity.” – Gupoochamois69

27. “Positivity.” – ottpro

28. “Deadpool costume.” – Different-Silver-747

29. “My handsome squidward face mask followed by my matching handsome squidward crocs. Did I mention the first episode from season 2 is replaying in the background?” – nezukosann

30. “Both of us hopefully.” –

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