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How to Preserve Health And Vitality in Educational Settings

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The educational process can be complicated for the student. Late assignments, short terms for execution, and constantly living in the deadlines affect the mental state.

Of course, the easiest thing you can do to ease this process is to disengage yourself maximally. Do not take on too many duties, do not take on additional tasks, do not miss deadlines for assignments. 

This may seem easy to do, but it is rarely easy. Our psychology is not adapted to this kind of pressure regularly. So, if there is a chance to find help, such as using excel homework help, you should take advantage of this opportunity.

This may require you to have great psychology – to be able to do all the tasks. 

Still, read our guidelines if you want to preserve your mental health during the educational process. 

First and foremost, the right balance between the level of demands and the workload and the student’s natural abilities, the specifics of his health and productivity is necessary.

So the task of parents – not only to understand, support, help when necessary, but also to organize the life of a son or daughter (and if necessary, the whole family) so that school or university stress does not lead to over-excitement, neuroses, visual disturbances, etc.

It is worth thinking about the daily routine, the main task – to ensure high efficiency of the nervous system (the ability to achieve the maximum results in the minimum terms) in the years of educational activities at school and at home. If the child goes to bed at the same time every day and stays up early, eats after coming home from school, and goes to school after a walk, it is easier for them to plan and distribute their time, get into work quickly, and complete their work in a shorter amount of time.

The daily routine should consist of educational activities at school and at home; leisure time with sufficient time outdoors, games or physical activities; regular full meals; adequate, adequate sleep for the day.

Under-excitement will take away all efforts to help students learn and protect their health.

It is highly damaging for the child, primarily psychologically: the child becomes easily restless, often gets excited, responds inadequately to instructions, and cannot concentrate during work. Frequent lack of sleep is one of the causes of over-attention and neurosis in schoolchildren. 

Sleeping during the day renews the body’s vitality more than any other kind of recreation, even better than the good for children’s games on the fresh air.

Also, suppose the parents manage to organize the regime so that the student can sleep during the day. In that case, his productivity during homework will increase markedly, and he will become active and lively.

A decrease in physical activity disturbs normal development processes leads to changes in the exchange of goods. Activity tones the central nervous system of children while driving, activates nerve cells of all parts of the cerebral cortex, increases the metabolism of proteins, and increases the production of growth hormone by hypophysis.

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Another component of success is nutrition. To improve it, eat green vegetable salads with vegetable oil because they stimulate mucus production and increase intestinal peristalsis; salted mushrooms, which have light, chewy action, also inhibits the appetite. It is beneficial, enabling therapy: walks on fresh air, water games, physical training. In addition, food will always be eaten with pleasure if the child himself takes part in its preparation. 

Also perfect are rye, peas, beans, watermelon, radishes, and berries: currants, birdseed, blackberry, honeysuckle, raspberries, the fruit of the rose hips. They contain the necessary vitamins and microelements in optimal quantities. One thing: it is required to teach the child to obligatory wash vegetables and vegetables and eat them with clean hands to avoid worm infestation, which leads to a decrease in the optics of the body.

A few more essential points. Hearing, vision, posture also have to be in the zone of special attention of parents. To protect the child’s hearing, it is necessary to protect the ear from hypothermia treat even mild soreness.

The hearing aid should also be protected from severe or prolonged distemper. This is particularly dangerous for the earpieces: a powerful vibration of the eardrum leads to loosening of the eardrum, loss of elasticity, and reduced hearing in the long run.

How to Preserve Health And Vitality in Educational Settings

In addition, with headphones, the child is not aware of the sounds of the environment and may not hear the noise of a crashing car or other sounds that signal danger. 

To avoid strain on your child’s eyes, you should pay special attention to the brightness of the child’s workplace: the light should fall from the left and the rear (right-handed in left-handed children) so that the hand does not obstruct the work. Very seriously need to be put and to the selection of books. The text should not be cradled because on such a paper, the reader is illuminated, which impairs perception and contributes to visual impairment. The same applies to paper for booklets.

The lines (purple, green, flaky, or gray) must be delineated and sometimes contradict each other on the adjacent pages—a particular part in preventing visual impairment – television and computer. Watching TV and working on the computer must be interrupted every 15-20 minutes (commercial breaks), and the distance from your eyes to the screen must be not less than 1 meter from the TV screen.

Incorrect positioning harms the operation of internal organs: it impairs the function of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, and lungs, decreases the breathing capacity of the lungs, reduces nutrient metabolism, which can result in a poor appetite, lassitude, headache, fast exhausting. Parents should remember that bags carried on one side for a schoolboy is not desirable in general – their presence can lead to scoliosis.

According to sanitary and hygienic standards, the school backpack must be made of clean water and airtight lightweight material, equipped with light-absorbing devices and elastic straps to regulate the length. 

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