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Why You Should be Wearing Any Of These Colors Every day

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Ever happened to be preparing for a big day and ended up picking the basic black t-shirt and blue jeans because you feel more confident and powerful in it than others? Well, studies show certain colors can boost confidence and even bring positivity to your day! 

What are those colors, and how wearing different color combinations can uplift your mood? In this article, we will be talking about the top 5 colors that are sure to attract more positivity to your day! There are colors to increase productivity, colors to make you feel confident, and colors for a good mood day, but picking the right pallet is important.

How do mix-matching colors enhance your personality?

With so many options for shades and tints available, it is important to recognize the colors that make you happy & resonate with positivity. It can be anything – a crimson red or subtle ocean green. Any color that induces a sense of calm, confidence, and content is the color for positivity.

Moreover, colors are a form of self-expression, and there’s no definite guide on how to get it right. You can mix and match patterns, go all monochrome or even add a hint of holograph to brighten up even the dullest of days!

Still not sure what to pick? 

Try these 5 colors today to attract postive vibes.

1. Yellow:

Often associated with happiness, enlightenment, and positivity, yellow is one color that sure brights up wherever it goes! If you are looking for a color that’s subtle and yet passes the vibe check, experiment with yellow! Obviously, keep the tones appropriate for where you plan on wearing it (a vivid yellow is awkward at an office space, whereas a dull yellow can spill milk over breakfast plans). Additionally, yellow always creates room for adding accessories and is versatile enough to be paired with other colors.

2. Blue:

This color is a must in every wardrobe. Often linked with calmness and balance, blue is one color you cannot go wrong with. This color adds a hint of natural hues to your wardrobe and blends quickly with any color matches you want to make

3. Red:

This is a multi-package. The color brings confidence, elegance, boldness, and charm effortlessly. Can we talk about how red fits into all occasions without overpowering the situation? Be it lipstick or tapering along with the pockets or a dress for a date night, red makes you shine bright! Moreover, red is often associated with passion, attention, and strength.

4. Green:

There’s nothing more soothing, relaxing, and regal than the color green. Known for its natural charm and earthiness, this color is an excellent option for days when you want to go easy and have things done your way!

5. Purple:

Unlock creativity, imagination, and positivity with the color purple! This color has so much history attached to it; it will be unfair to skip it! Be it the Neolithic era or the early times in China; purple had the incredible significance of being rich, luxurious, and classy. This color is sure to pump up your confidence and get your attire noticed by people around you!

Why Dress for Positivity?

Positivity is more just an outlook. It’s a virtue that helps in building resilience, adds to your patience, and makes you a happier person. It also significantly impacts your mental & emotional health alongside boosting immunity in the long run. 

A healthy mind is a garden for achievements, so if you are looking to add a spark of positivity to your daily life, start upgrading your wardrobe with these 5 colors today.

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