How to decorate your bathroom based on zodiac sign

How to Decorate your Bathroom Based on Zodiac Sign


You must have thought at least once about what you want your dream house to look like. Sometimes decorating a home can take time. When it comes to bathroom decoration, there are a lot of options and ways to decorate it nicely.

Therefore, you can’t decide what would suit you best. You have probably never paid attention to something. That is, zodiac signs are reflected in the space and arrangement of the space in which they live.

Now that you know it, we want to give you ideas on how to decorate your bathroom following the characteristics of the zodiac signs.


The colour that is characteristic of this fire sign is certainly red. It stimulates and maintains the energy of Aries. It should be the most represented in all its shades, both in the living and business space. You can it combine with black and white details. For Aries, the ideal bathroom is full of natural light and fresh air. It doesn’t have to be too big. Aries are satisfied when their bathroom is simple and when they have everything they need in it and at their fingertips.


This sign likes to enjoy the comfort and to feel maximally comfortable in any space they’re in. It generally does not complain about decorating an apartment or house. The colour of the walls can be light blue, but also red, especially in the bedroom. Also, it can be orange, which is the most desirable, and mahogany. Taurus love high-quality furniture and materials, and that is why they must have it in their bathroom. To make the bathroom an oasis of peace, wooden tables, a plush rug are some of the things that Taurus would like the most.

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The Gemini doesn’t like to be held down in one place for too long. They are children with a desire to play. The space in which they live or work must be organized. As for the decoration on the walls, it can be absolutely anything. Certainly, the space in which the Gemini should stay must look like a playroom with an abundance of colours, of which orange, purple and pink contribute to their positive energy. Yellow should be used the most as the colour that has the strongest positive energy impact. Simple furniture and bright colours are a perfect match for the Gemini bathroom.


The furniture and decoration must have a Renaissance tone. They should have lots of flowers. These flower arrangements must be present throughout the space in which they live. The decoration must have lots of paintings and decorative vases with green shades of the walls that soothe them. There is also a strong emphasis on the bathroom, which must be perfectly tidy, which is why Cancers like to enjoy using perfectly clean bidets, faucets, and showers.


The style of a Leo is royal, and that means a big house or an apartment. The bathroom must have a lot of orange colour with a lot of gilded details and brass. Lions love elegance, so they love to make their home like that. Still, gold details are a must-have in their bathroom.


A perfectionist sign that belongs to those for whom decorating an apartment is almost an obsession. These people insist on maximum tidiness and almost sterile cleanliness. Virgo mostly insists on the tidiest kitchen with a beige shade as the main one. They also insist on an equally neat bathroom. The bathroom in a pastel green shade should contain a bathtub with the possibility of massage or a shower cabin. A minimalist bathroom is what suits Virgos.

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Libra is certainly a sign that insists on living with style and not infrequently luxury. It insists on a few things and smaller pieces of furniture. They don’t like to clutter their space. Mirrors are an inevitable detail that should be the most represented in the whole place. Decoration must not contain heavy and strong colours. Decorative details should play with colours in the bathroom and are allowed to combine several different shades.


The space in which he or she lives or works for Scorpio to feel good must be a mixture of ultra-modern. Also, exude mysticism, mystery, and magical power. The bathroom should preferably be in shades of green, and the entire space should contain some exotic plants or details such as pyramids, African figurines, paintings with motifs from ancient Egypt, the Incas, the Maya, various symbols, and everything must have the energy of magic.

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The Sagittarius is one of the signs that are not related to the closed space, and they feel like they are in prison when they are in the house. Taking into account their character, the Sagittarians are most suited to large and comfortable spaces, but not with too much furniture. The bathroom should be large with a bathtub preferably in the middle. As archers love nature, decoration with plants is ideal for them.


For Capricorns, the furniture should be in a classic style with some details of antiquity. A combination with modern can be made if modern technology fits the design into a classic style. They like minimalism. That is why a simple decoration and a shower cabin are enough for them.


Aquarius is an imaginative sign. It likes to have simple furniture but put emphasis on colours. The ideal colour of the walls, curtains, or furniture is preferably beige, purple, blue, indigo, or aquamarine. They also like to match the colours of the towels with the colour of the bathroom.


Pisces is a sign that likes to make sure that the house serves both as a shelter and as a place where they recharge their emotional batteries. Apart from the colour of the ocean, all shades of blue are certainly appropriate, with many bright and glowing details, as well as vases and arrangements with flowers in purple tones. Fish like to have candles in the bathroom, lie in their bathtub, and read their favourite book.