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Everything You Need to Know About the 7 Unusual Sports You Can Only See That Is Played in Asia!

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With a total population of approximately 4.6 billion, Asia is the continent with the largest population on Earth. So, it should come as no surprise that many of the most interesting and distinctive sports events emanate from its incredibly diverse nations and areas.

The growth in major athletic events is the most important aspect of Asian sport development. The growing trend towards professionalization and commercialization in sports has also increased in Asian areas due to the options for participation in multi-level contests.

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What Is the Situation in the Sports World in Asia?

Asia has sharply risen in its passion for sports for the past ten years. Sports-related attitudes are slowly shifting throughout Asia. In nations like India and China and several Middle Eastern nations, “Sports Culture” has experienced tremendous expansion. It has fostered financial investments, business sponsorships, and the development of fresh talent, all inspiring young people to seek careers in these sports. Now, numerous start-ups deal with sports administration, management, broadcasting, event planning, sports sciences, etc., offering various options to work in the sports industry.

In addition to these leagues, other coaching and physical education programs have been established in multiple schools. It aims to encourage young children to choose athletics as a vocation in the future and promote sports culture. Hence, shifting people’s perspectives should be the main goal. It can only be accomplished by raising the caliber of players competing in Asian leagues.

It is possible if the gifted people are supported and the aspiring athletes receive the necessary training. Also, the public and government must be interested in the growth of these most popular sports in Asia and sportspeople.

Therefore, due to the increasing influence and dominance of non-western cultures and individual nations, sport is today a truly global cultural institution that is both a product and a commodity.

It is no longer only associated with occidental culture or dominated and organized by Western nations. The large Asian markets’ insatiable desire for sport is rerouting the flow of sports worldwide, with the Asia Pacific area now supplying enormous new audiences for televised sports as the region’s economies continue to rise.

7 Unusual Sports Played in Asia

Here are some unusual sports lists found in Asia:

  • Sepak Takraw – This unusual sport, popular in places like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines, is best described as volleyball played solely with the feet. The word for the small ball used in action, “Takraw,” and the Malay word “Sepak,” which means kick or smash, are where the name first appeared. The sport is played on a court the size of a badminton court, divided in two by a net. Competitors must use their feet or heads to get the ball over the net and into the other team’s territory. It makes the ball game exceptionally challenging and hard because using the hands or arms is prohibited. Viewers may expect to see exciting, athletic action with abilities that are uncommon to see anywhere when watching sepak takraw.
  • Kabaddi – Kabaddi, popular in South East Asia and India, is frequently referred to as an Asian variation of the tag. ” Kabaddi ” stems from a Tamil word that means “holding hands.” Asia is the center of its enormous popularity, spreading quickly to the rest of the world. Working together is essential when playing this game. Two teams of seven players compete against one another in 40-minute matches to outscore their rivals by knocking them out with a raid or a tackle. A charge involves entering the enemy’s portion of the court, trying to tag a player, and escaping without being tackled or imprisoned. The winning team has the most points after the stipulated amount of time. The popularity of this sport has grown to the point where a World Cup has been organized, with 16 nations participating.
  • Buzkashi – This horse-mounted form of polo is mostly played in Central Asia and Afghanistan and has one important—and horrifying—difference: the game requires the use of a goat carcass in place of a ball. The game’s goal is to carry the corpse and place it in a scoring area on the side of the pitch that belongs to the other team. Buzkashi, which the Taliban had outlawed, has gained popularity recently. The Afghan Olympic Organization has established the formal rules to be followed, which is a significant step towards legitimizing the game. It’s a tradition-rich game that may not appeal to animal lovers but will not be forced underground soon.
  • Bo-taoshi – Bo-taoshi, which roughly translates to “pull pole down,” is a very challenging game performed by Japanese National Defense Academy graduates. In this exceedingly bizarre sporting encounter, teams consist of 150 warriors divided into two teams of 75, resulting in enormous confusion. The object of each game is for one side to defend a tall wooden pole while the opposing team attempts to lower the stick to a 30-degree angle. To protect the pole, the defenders divide into groups. These groups support the pole and create a human shield around the totem’s base. Bo-taoshi is a fantastic spectacle as players strive to leap over or barrel through defenders to reach their goal.
  • Pacu Jawi – Celebrating the conclusion of the harvest in Indonesia, Pacu Jawi, or cow racing, takes place once a year and involves a jockey straddling a bamboo plow tied between two charging oxen. The oxen sprint through the paddy field while the jockey struggles to maintain solid control of the plow, creating an exhilarating spectacle resembling an archaic type of jet-skiing. Since this event only occurs once a year, the stakes are high for those involved, and the jockey rivalry is fierce, creating a genuinely unique athletic event that cannot be witnessed anywhere else in the world.
  • Hombo Batu – Hombo Batu, which takes place in North Sumatra and essentially involves men leaping over stone walls up to two meters tall, must be seen to be believed. The sport, still practiced today and has unique meaning for its participants, was developed due to tribal warfare that required participants to demonstrate their athletic talent and bravery. In the past, the obstacle’s peak was even fortified with sharpened bamboo and spikes, assuring that failure hurt the contestants deeply. Today, thankfully, people who want to participate in this odd sport can do so without fear of being impaled.
  • Kurash – Several historians assert that this ancient kind of wrestling originated in Uzbekistan and dates back thousands of years. Amir Timur’s army used it as a training tool in the 14th century. Kurash places a high value on power and endurance, much like the Japanese sport of sumo wrestling. Players use towels to hold onto their opponent. After one opponent is flung or forced onto their back, the match is over.

Is It Possible to Bet on Sports in Asia?

Compared to the rest of the globe, betting is large in Asia, where the sports betting market generates billions of pounds annually. It implies that bigger bets are available and more affordable prices. The major bookmakers in Asia offer pricing and considerable liquidity on practically every football game due to the enormous demand for sports wagering, regardless of how obscure the league or division is. Asian culture today places a lot of emphasis on sports betting in Asia. There is no sporting event that is off-limits for wagering.

Still, there are many doubts regarding whether sports betting is legal in Asia. It is a diplomatic question as it is legal and illegal, depending on the place. Hence, if you enjoy placing bets and gambling in your spare time, you must be looking for a trustworthy and safe betting site. Well, you can find many Asian betting sites to suit your demands. Some websites have terms and conditions for money transfers, unusual formats, and sports options.


The regional sport has grown in popularity and influence, especially among Asian women. Sport has developed into a source of revenue for the economy and a wise long-term investment. Government initiatives must raise the level of services offered to athletes and better their living and training environments.

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