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Jehlisah Rae Journey From a Working Mom To An Accidental Influencer and Content Creator

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“The pandemic taught me to slow down and adapt to constant changes”- Jehlisah Rae

Mantra to balancing motherhood and career

“I try to be gentle with myself and understand that I may not get all of the things done in a day that I want to get done; but as long as I make time for my family, and myself and still get some work done for the day, that has to be enough for each day.” – Jehlisah

Morning Lazziness proudly presents to you a Candid Talk session with Ms. Jehlisah Rae, a content creator, influencer, blogger, and working mom.

During the short conversation, Jehlisah shared about her journey of empowerment from a working mom to an accidental influencer, her mantra towards balancing motherhood with work life, her unfiltered mode of content creation on the gram. 

How did it all begin?

“I started in this space back in 2017, just posting workout videos with my toddler at home. I wasn’t aware of the possibility of making money being a content creator or a blogger but when it actually started happen, I began to figure out the ins and outs.” – Jehlisah

Fascination towards motherhood

“I have always been a caretaker and nurturer in person. The idea of having children of my own and loving them with every part of me, seeing them develop different personalities and transform as they grow up was something that I loved about being a mom” – Jehlisah

The infinite influence program

“When I first started as a content creator, there was scarcity of resources to look up to and since by nature helping others is something that I truly enjoy doing, I started my course in efforts of putting information and resources for other content creators to get started without having to spend tons of hours in research.” – Jehlisah

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