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How do I Stop Being a Selfish Person? 10 Practical Ways To Become A Better Person

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No one is born selfish. Sometimes the situations make an individual egocentric at times.

It completely depends upon the person how they handle the situation. However, it’s good to be a selfish person, but sometimes it’s not.

If you want to know everything that explains the difference between the situations where you have to be selfish and the situations where you can work as a kind person, and what are the signs of a selfish person you need to read this article till the end.

How do I stop being a selfish person?

Some people behave selfishly for their own belongings like health, family, and managing the time. Have you wondered why such people exhibit this behaviour? If not, then you must go through the why am I so selfish psychology?

However, you just need to make sure that there is proper communication between people. Communication is the key to easing the thoughts in mind.

It is just that you have to stop behaving arrogantly. This is so because anger is not the solution to problems. It increases them rather.

Here is a list of some practices that you follow if you want to get rid of your ego and lead a happy life with your nearest and dearest ones.

a. Listening is the best policy

It sounds really selfish when you do not like to listen to others. Selfish people want the conversation should contain only the things they are interested in. They do not dare to listen to what others have to say about it. But, the day they start listening to others, they will conquer most of what they are losing.

We should learn how to respect the words, engage ourselves in what others say, and always wait for our turn to speak. This puts a great impression on the listener, and we also grow as a good listeners. Apart from this, many interactions need to give and take relationships. The more you give, the more you will get. It can be anything– respect or ego.

b. Always look for a role model who inspires you

People find it easy to change when they know how and where they need to bring the change. You need to find someone you know, a philosopher, or even an internet personality who can help you grace your personality with a positive attitude. Or it can be anyone from your family, friends, acquaintances, or even a stranger, anyone with whom you feel comfortable changing as a person. Make that person your role model. The effect may ripple one day, and you come out to be someone’s role model.

c. Do not grab everything on the plate; leave some for others

You don’t need to get all that you have aspired for in life. Some things are destined to belong to someone else. We can witness selfish people around us may be in a Cafeteria or even in a washroom. In a Cafeteria, we can see people grabbing on all the free tissues as if the owners have got it for them themselves. In washrooms, we have seen people wasting water or not flushing up after use as if nobody else has the right to use the clean washroom. You must own things as much as you want them and leave some for others as well. It’s not about tissue paper or the washroom necessities, but you learn to sacrifice things for others’ happiness in life. You might find a person soon who willingly leaves each and everything in life just to make you smile. Believe me; the feeling is beautiful.

d. Believe in the self ability to change

No one is born perfect, everybody comes with certain defects, and you should respect them. Even a stone changes its color as the years pass by; the sky too changes color every time nature compels it to. Likewise, we come across a lot of situations in our lives, and we cannot be the same every time.

Every morning is a new chapter, and we have to adapt ourselves the way it expects us to be. Sometimes, it can be hard, sometimes soft, sometimes a bossy nature, sometimes an obeying one. It is life, and we have to come across all the chapters as we don’t have the option to skip.

e. Share the stadium

If you don’t want to be selfish anymore, learn to share the stadium standing in the first position. You must be willing to share the spotlight from time to time. You may also need to allow others to speak out and take the lead. You have to give respect to others and what they deserve while they’re at it. This habit might take time and a bit challenging, but with enough practice, you’ll learn to watch and even cheer for others.

f. Always keep the attitude ‘If I were’ 

In the middle of the discussion, sometimes we become selfish as we feel that the other person has a great life, but we are not aware of what goes on inside. We must keep ourselves on both sides of the table to experience the game called life. It is not easy to succeed every time or to smile in all situations. If somebody approaches you to share something, always lend him an ear.

We cannot buy support with money, and until we don’t learn how to sympathize with others, we cannot make strong bonds. To know how it feels, the best possible way is to keep yourself in the same shoe and walk a step ahead. You will end up having an introspection session with yourself.

g. Have a check on your actions on a regular basis

Always look at the mirror and speak. You will know how it feels to be at the other person’s place. If you start doing this, the chances of you being a selfish personality will drastically decrease.

Life moves, and we don’t remain the same forever. Just keep a check on your actions so that they don’t hurt anyone to the extent that you are left all alone when you need someone to talk to. People come to you because they trust you, have faith in you, and believe that you will understand. You should.

h. Own a pet

The easiest way to get rid of selfishness is by being responsible for the life of a completely dependent being. Owning a pet can be the best alternative as you are with someone who needs your attention every time, at every moment of life. Once you own a dog/cat and start loving it, you cannot be the same selfish person; your cold heart becomes soft and filled with kindness. Trust me; a pet can teach you many life lessons.

i. Help someone out

You can always be a resource for someone’s happiness. That someone can be your own parent, someone from your extended family, friends, acquaintance, some animal, or even a stranger. I have been brought up in such a manner that my mother says, do what you can take on yourself. Our actions should be good enough that nobody should feel offended. It’s pretty obvious that we cannot impress everyone at the same time, but we can at least give it a try. 

j. Start volunteering for various causes in life

Not everyone is living a happy life as you are. Not everyone is as financially sound as you are. Also, not everyone is getting a shelter overhead like you.

If you actually want to do something for homeless people, just volunteer yourself in gratuitous activities or involve with an organization that rescues stray cats and dogs—it’s all up to you. It shows the best attitude when you volunteer to support somebody in this race of life.

Once you inherit all the ten habits that have been mentioned in this article, you will never face the ego issues in your life. You will be the kind, humble, and loving personality the same you want others to be with you.

How do we overcome selfishness?

To stop being selfish. You would have to take a step back and put yourself in that person’s shoes to understand where they are coming from, depending on the severity of the situation.

Everyone should understand the pressures that people have to overcome the multitude of celebrations daily.

They need to understand the other person’s perspective and be patient. It may be tough to swallow your ego. However, no one knows what that person is going through during that time. 

At times you need to muster up the courage to speak your mind with kindness instead of being sour.

Remember, you get more with honey than you do with vinegar. At times, you need to swallow your ego and pride to understand the situation at hand. Celebrations leave everlasting unforgettable memories that last a lifetime. 

Those who work together want to remember their partnerships in a memorable way and not an egotistical way..

How to be more mature and responsible?

To be more mature and responsible, one has to take responsibility for their actions. Apart from being mature is not acting like high school children. Another way of showing maturity is by walking away from an argument that leads to harsh words that cannot get taken back. 

Individuals have to take responsibility for their actions and behavior towards one another at any celebration. What makes one mature is admitting when they are wrong and take responsibility for how we made that person feel. We are living in a world of hatred. Love conquers all. We need to find a middle ground in compromising what the partnership means. What is your friendship worth to that person? If you want them to keep creating unforgettable memories, what will you do to change your attitude?

One way to retain a partnership with a kindhearted individual is knowing where they stand and where you stand. Another way is how you approach them with your words and body language. You would not want anyone to disrespect you and vice versa. 

Everyone needs to be on the same page and work well together. Others need to also respect team members by lifting their spirits. Not by belittling or yelling at them if something has gone wrong. Solutions handled with positivity and kindness make a big difference. When any team member is about to lash out: whether you are a leader, waiter, production team, etc., take a step back, count to 10 and take a long deep breath. You can revisit the situation in a calm, mature, and responsible approach. Negativity and yelling never solved any problems.  

How much can an individual take from getting yelled at or disrespected? They will turn away any business that is not good for their health or well-being. 

An individual’s celebration is as important as the partnerships built. To create unforgettable memories that last a lifetime. Lastly, remembering to thank them for all their hard work goes a long way.

The last lines

The ego never leads you to the correct way. If you find some signs of a selfish person in yourself, it should always be your priority to change yourself. But, you should not be misled here.

You must know that you should not stop doing what makes you happy, where you feel HOME. Never change yourself; it’s just your habits that need to be changed. 

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Ghayda Yaghi
Ghayda Yaghi is the founder of Charm Serenity Weddings and Events. Ghayda plans weddings, events and other celebrations. She has been in the planning industry for 14 years.

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