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10 Best Sex Toys For Couples To Try In 2022

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Are you wondering how to spice up the things in sex life? Maybe it’s time to introduce sex toys. Check out our list of the best sex toys for couples.

Sexual Pleasure is the No.1 thing on the relationship menu, which both the parties love to enjoy and are tempted to try different sex positions.

Men who think that including hardware stuff (sex toys) in the bedroom is not the right alternative; then it’s time to reveal the truth.

There are times when we women want more than only penetration – Yes, we need Clitoral stimulation, and sex toys are the best way to increase intimacy and pleasure. Moreover, using sexual products with your partner shows that you’re open to exploration and adore adventure.

Using sex toys for fun is impressive and refreshing; it’s a kind of honeymoon period that we want to hold for a longer time. From enhancing sex life to enjoying the mind-blowing foreplay, sex toys are definitely worth the time. These vibrators and toys are specifically designed to help pleasure both of you simultaneously, which has generous benefits in the bedroom.

Plush Sex Toys For Couples

According to sex experts, introducing plush sex toys in the bedroom with the partner can perform better and more frequent orgasms and low pressure on men because vibrators can do tons of work. Although, these superbly designed sex toys are very comfortable and come in the desired shape and pattern.  

LELO IDA Couples Massager

Lelo Tiani 2

LELO always comes with ultra-luxury sex toys. And this IDA Couples Massager is perfect for couples seeking a higher level of excitement. The LELO massager is made up of silicon and the most adorable vibrator that vibrates and rotates while you are already inside. It can be controlled with the phone and is comfortable to fit inside perfectly. 100% waterproof and rechargeable, it makes couples the first choice.

Tracy Dog Clitoral Sucking Vibrator

“Trusted and tested” Recently, it hit the market and became many women’s favorite clitoral stimulator with suction, offering 10 Vibratory patterns. USB rechargeable, made of body-safe silicone, super soft to explore your sugar walls and target your hungry G-spot. Fully waterproof, and the best is the vibrator uses orgasmic suction to stimulate a sucking sensation, encircling your clit.

Cob Vibrating Cock Ring

“A Must have a toy,” and “Toe Curling Feeling,” this Cob Vibrating Cock Rings with ten speedy stimulating vibrations is designed to give both partners extreme pleasure.

Cob Vibrating Cock Ring

The pleasure brush is on one side, while the ridged vibrations can be felt through the ring on the shaft. Couples love it because it’s super soft, rechargeable and waterproof, and stretchy enough to fit any size. Surprise your partner.

LELO Sona, Sonic Clitoral Massager

LELO Sona, Sonic Clitoral Massager

The Lelo Sona vibrator uses sonic waves, which means you don’t have to hold back; either this toy pushes your partner to the brink. From a gentle murmur to a satisfying pulse, this body-safe clitoral suction leade to a more intense sexual play, deeply resonant pleasure that builds to an overwhelming orgasm.

Crave Vesper Vibrator Necklace

Don’t go on the sleek design, and this beautiful necklace is more than chic jewelry to wear. Just with the press of a button, this sleek necklace turns into a fantastic clitoral functional vibrator. USB rechargeable with four control settings – low, mid, high, and pulsing. Perfect for a quickie.

Adjustable and Controllable We-Vibe Sync


We-vibe sync deserves a special place on our list. Perfectly designed to stimulate the G-spot, clitoris, and shaft simultaneously, you can even sync it up with your phone and adjust the vibrations speed. The We-vibe Sync is entirely waterproof, rechargeable and the arms are also bendable to fit correctly inside.

UTIMI USB Charging Silicone Double-end Vibrator

Utimi USB Charging Silicone Double-end Vibrator

This double-ended bendable vibrator by Ultimi is designed to suit your likings. USB Rechargeable, built with three powerful motors, this silky smooth has an insertable length of 5.2”. It’s a beautiful option for all genders and orientations to enhance penetrative sex.

We-Vibe Match Periwinkle

We-Vibe Match Periwinkle

No sex toy can replace this luxury We-Vibe fantastic sex toy that turns the mood on in no seconds. The C-shape toy fits snuggly in the partner’s vagina. One end wraps to the clitoral, bringing her the awaited orgasm, while the thinner end slides inside the vagina, stimulating the G-spot. 100% waterproof, rechargeable, safe for a shower, the toy can run amazingly for 2 hours on a single charge. The design of the sex toy is classy for penetrative sex; it turbo-charges her vagina, which will feel fantastic on your penis during sex. Also, it comes with a remote, so you can sit back and enjoy the show.

Intimate Melody Mage Mini Slim Vibrator

Intimate Melody Mage Mini Slim Vibrator

Don’t go on the name – this Mini Slim Vibrator works super fast and can be folded/twisted into any desired shape to fit the couple’s body. The sex toys come with powerful yet quiet vibrations with 7 unique modes and 3 frequencies. The toy is rechargeable and waterproof.

Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit – Internal and External Orgasms

The toy is designed to give your partner a pleasure wave by stimulating the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously. The Satisfyer Pro-Rabbit Vibrator is made of safe body materials, safe to use, and can make your girlfriend squirt.

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