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Oh baby! Holiday Gift Guide for The New Mama and Mama’s to Be

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What do we get for our mom’s to be and new mama’s this holiday season that weren’t already on the gift registry? Here are some ideas that go beyond the diaper basket and onesies. 

I remember like it was yesterday, 1993 go be exact my mom, dad and 5 month old brother, went out to eat at one of my favorite Country inspired cooking restaurant called “Black Eyed Peas” (dang, I miss that place) and my mother asked the waitress for a cup of hot water.

A little puzzled, the waitress came back with a coffee mug with the hot water and my mom took out her pre-portioned formula packs, dunked it in the hot water to heat up for my brother.

While convenient at a restaurant, asking for hot water isn’t always going to be the easiest especially for mama’s on the go which is why Baby’s Brew is perfect for Mama’s especially travelling with a newborn.

Brew Baby-min

Baby’s Brew is the world’s first portable, battery-powered bottle warmer that heats breastmilk, formula or water on-the-go. You’ll be among the VIP besties list for this gift. 

As adults, we know the benefits of a massage – knocking out those knots, tensions, helping our lymphnodes and overall blood circulation but messages aren’t just for us hard working adults, believe it or not, our little ones can also benefit from it. Certified infant massage instructor and creator of Kahlmi, Elina Furman says, “Clinical studies have shown that baby massages can help with weight gain, improve baby’s sleep, relieve constipation/gastrointestinal issues, irritability, boost brain development, and enhance social skills and bonding/connection with parents”. 

Using Kahlmi, a multi-functional baby soothing tool offers calming baby massage, teething relief, lactation support, and comforts for bed/nap time, bathtime, doctor’s visits and more. Talk about relief. 


I know when I am not feeling too well a cup of Ginger Carrot Soup and my weighted blanket does the trick. Unfortunately, I don’t think an adult weighted blanket is the safest thing for our mini me’s but thankfully, Shark Tank success brand, Dreamland Baby has created an innovative line of weighted sleep sacks and blankets for babies and toddlers for this very purpose. 


Let’s be real, sooner or later you’ll have to leave our bundle of joy with a trusted caretaker and that can be real tough for both mama and child especially nap time.

To help calm and soothe your baby, the Pediatrian designed Soothie Sleeve, is a winner. Mom simply wears the sleeve at night, which absorbs mom’s scent, then when ready, mom places the sleeve on one of the an adorable, huggable plush animals; Baxter the Bunny, Bella the Bear, Emmy the Elephant, or Luxy the Lamb, which then is given to our little one. 


For the mama’s looking for a more conscious and sustainable route for themselves and their babies, Makemake Organics is a brand that creates beautiful organic cotton clothing, bedding, bath, playtime and other essentials. Fair trade and made with GOTS certified organic, organic cotton means higher quality products that are softer, breathable, much kinder to the skin and cause fewer allergies. Sizes range from newborn to 4T with their bedding going up to a Queen.


I remember watching one of my new mama friends back in the day juggle with changing her bra throughout the day to accommodate her pumping, nursing and just basic comfort & support for running errands, she didn’t have the Sublime Hands-Free Pumping & Nursing Bra from Kindred Bravely which is a lifesaver for busy mamas.

Kindred Bravely-min

Their patent design allows you to wear this all-in-one bra around the clock, and talk about supporting your girls. 

Last but not least, for the mama who wants to keep her girls free but without the embarrassment, there’s Mamalux Leakproof Lounge Dress with built-in nursing pads that are washable, reusable and that stay in place.


A patent-pending, eco-friendly, design that hasextra-stretchy chest panels that provide easy access for nursing, pockets, super soft & comfortable and available up to a size 2XL. 

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