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What Is A Situationship Relationship & Signs

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Hey! It’s a situationship relationship, not a serious affair. You might have heard of this many times from your friends. Have you ever wondered what it is?

Let’s talk about a situationship relationship.  

It’s very common among youngsters these days. A situationship is a kind of romantic relationship that is non-committed or for a short time. Most often, the boundaries in this relationship are less defined, and there is less emotional connection involved. Sometimes it’s just a time pass, or maybe some form of physical intimacy is involved.

It is not like friends with benefits, where two people agree that they won’t develop feelings for each other; rather, one might be looking forward to making it into a serious relationship.

How can you find out whether you are in one?

No such rules declare situationship, but you can figure it out with the following signs.

The relationship is undefined: Your relationship with your partner is not clearly defined or has any label. You both spend time with each other but are not ready for commitment. 

Lack of Consistency: When someone is in a relationship, they tend to meet each other regularly. Whereas in casual relationships, people meet spontaneously or sometimes don’t meet for a long time.

Lack of emotional connection: In causal relationships, you don’t feel emotionally involved with the person and thus hardly take an interest in their problems or open up about your life issues in front of each other. You don’t depend on each other for emotional support, either.

Confusion: In situationship, you feel confused about your feelings for that person. More often, you feel stressed, anxious or lack clear direction. 

How to deal with it?

It’s fine to be in a causal relationship until you both are clear about it. However, if things start turning ugly, it’s better to communicate and figure things out.

First, you need to understand that life is not a fairytale, and most of the time, situations can get out of your control when one of you starts falling for the other. If you feel that situationship is not working for you or losing yourself, it’s better to walk out rather than stick with it and make things worse.

Everyone has their reason for getting involved in a causal relationship. They have different needs and expectations from the relationship and their partner. 

If you realize your needs aren’t fulfilling and want something different, you should eliminate them immediately. 

The best way to do this is to communicate with the person and tell them why you are ending it. It will take time to heal from the situationship, but it will save you from future stresses and anxiety. 

Wrap up

Situationship is a common form of relationship today and is accepted by the millennials and Gen-Z wholeheartedly. It’s okay to try it once as a learning experience but make sure you know how to deal with it. Because no matter what the relationship is, it will affect you. 

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