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CBD Beauty: Revolution Or Just A Trend?

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CBD beauty products have taken the world by storm, but is this a revolution, or is it just a trend that will quickly come to pass?

In recent years, cannabis products have become even more mainstream, and in many states, it is easy to go to a cannabis dispensary and find marijuana to consume due to the legalization sweeping through the states or a range of products derived from weed.

Of course, CBD has no psychoactive properties, but the benefits are such that loads of people are incorporating CBD products into their beauty routine.

The trend has seen some celebrities get behind CBD beauty products. It is easy to see why; they are natural, sustainable, and often have some brilliant impacts on the body, which we will dive into in more detail below.

The trend is expected to generate over 24 billion dollars yearly to the economy by 2025, so it is clear that experts think that CBD products are only going to go in one direction and become more popular. While a lot of the products are on the expensive end of the market, there are also more budget products becoming available, which is helping to drive the revolution.

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What Are The Benefits Of CBD Beauty Products?

CBD oil

There are a number of proven benefits of CBD beauty products, which is why so many people are embracing the natural benefits of this substance.

Benefits include:

Treating infections

The cannabis plant has antibacterial and antifungal properties, so if you are suffering from any kind of a skin infection, which can cause rashes and other complications, CBD beauty products can be used for treating these issues and calming down infections, though they should form part of a comprehensive strategy and always discuss serious problems with your doctor.

Tackling the effects of aging

Some studies show that CBD has strong antioxidant properties, which can be very good for your body. It has been proven that oxidative stress contributes to aging and can make the skin appear older. Antioxidants within CBD could help to tackle this and make for smoother, fresher-looking skin. This is one of the main benefits if you are primarily looking for cosmetic effects of CBD.

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Reducing dryness and itching

CBD can treat skin issues that cause dryness or make you itch. In studies, it has been shown that CBD’s anti-inflammatory benefits can be used to reduce the sort of conditions that lead to itchy skin, including eczema and psoriasis. Even if you have sensitive skin, CBD products can soothe and improve the appearance of your skin, and if you have a sensitive skin condition, then products containing CBD oil can help and avoid potential risks of further issues and irritation.

CBD and Acne

There are constantly people trying to make breakthroughs when it comes to acne, and a lot of time and money is put into the research behind acne. 

For those struggling, CBD could be seen as a huge move forward and has proven to be a popular beauty product for tackling the effects and symptoms of acne as well as improving the look and feel of skin.

Acne is actually the most prevalent of all skin conditions people face, a lot of us have to deal with it at some point in our lives, but CBD has multiple properties that can make a huge difference to acne sufferers.

As we’ve covered, CBD has oil-reducing properties as well as being an anti-inflammatory which means that you can tackle some of the issues relating to acne.

One study in 2014 shows that CBD has an impact on sebocytes, which are the cells in your skin that make sebum. If you have suffered from skin conditions, you might already know about sebum. It is a wax-like substance made under the skin, and though it is designed to protect, if you have excess sebum, then it is likely you will end up with acne. CBD oil has been shown in the study to help to regulate the production of sebum; in turn, it can reduce the symptoms of acne.

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Other studies have taken a dive into the antibacterial functions of CBD oil and CBD beauty products. These are likely to help with the infections that can trigger acne. Applying antibacterial and antifungal substances to your skin can only really be a good thing.

How The Trend Impacted The Industry?

CBD products for anxiety

We can all see the impact when we walk into certain pharmacies or into the cannabis dispensary. There are shelves full of products, including balms and lotions, as people try to embrace the many benefits.

In 2019, a study showed that more CBD was sold in cannabis dispensaries than in other retail locations, but the pendulum seems to be swinging as retailers become more and more willing to carry the products. The industry is benefitting from people being more educated about CBD and less anxious about using a cannabis-derived product.

As we’ve briefly mentioned, studies show that CBD beauty revenue could reach $1 billion by 2025, and that is just in the US; the market around the world should be even bigger.

Attitudes have changed, and 45% of consumers are now said to be happy to use cannabis products for their skincare. The reservations people may have had are gradually disappearing as more realize that CBD is not just safe but full of beneficial properties. 

Huge brands are cropping up in the CBD beauty product industry, and existing beauty brands are also starting to improve their offerings in this field. We don’t expect this to stop any time soon, as CBD products have proven to be so successful.


The CBD revolution is far more than just a trend. It is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

The beauty industry is changing and evolving all the time, but plenty of people are looking for the most natural products they can get to apply to their skin, and undeniably, CBD fits this description. It grows naturally and has been shown in studies to have so many positive effects on the body as well as the brain.

CBD is bound to become more popular and mainstream, and if you can’t already, expect to be able to buy these sorts of products in local stores and pharmacies. People are definitely converting to the CBD revolution, and the beauty companies that don’t embrace the change could run the risk of being left behind.

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