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Can’t Fall in Love? 8 Signs That Stop You To Fall in Love

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Love has the magical power to make time and life standstill. 

Why is love beautiful?

Love binds two individuals; it’s a real treasure, which nobody wants to lose. 

Love is one of the most beautiful things one could ever experience. When we fall in love, we feel on cloud Nine; we think to create a better future together. The feeling of love is kind and magnificent. Love can fight against all the odds and have the strength to swallow one’s pride. Love is passionately romantic. Hence, being in love is an awesome feeling.

If love is beautiful, it’s also vandalism. It has been said love brings two individuals close, but it also causes mental trauma. 

However, it doesn’t mean you should be afraid to fall in love anymore with someone. Love can happen anytime, anywhere. It won’t knock on the gate; it just happens, and everything begins flourishing. Love is a pure, divine soul. 

But, if your mind perpetually stops you from falling in love, you probably have to get your ears open.

Things that stop you from falling in love

1. You have a fear of rejection:

Somewhere, we all fear being shunned by our love. Hearing the word NO hits our heart as anything breaks us emotionally, is drained mentally, and ruins our feelings. Though the terror of getting rejected breaks us into many pieces also makes us stop believing in love. Nobody wants to end up being a victim of unrequited love. 

2. You can’t see a better future with them:

You love that person, and they also love you. But you cannot see a bright future with them, a future with kids, owing to a beautiful house, family responsibilities, and much more. If these things are your future priorities, but your partner’s not, then you should probably take a step back. You should better not invest your feelings and emotions in such a person; all it goes to waste. 

3. You afraid to give commitments:

You want to be with your partner forever, somewhere afraid to give lifelong commitments. Also, you want to end up being in a sweet relationship but are not ready to be accountable to someone for your decisions and actions yet. 

If these things bother you, then probably the fault is in you. Because you’re confused, so how would you think your partner could love you better and give you commitment.

4. You may have low self-worth:

Low-self worth is one leading cause that stops people from falling in love. If the questions are like- Why do wrong things happen with me only? Why can I never get things done correctly? Why am I the ugliest or so?

Thoughts like this create a negative image of ourselves in your brain and stop us from falling in love. If you always consider yourself worthless, it either intrigues someone who will take advantage of you over love-you or means you might hide from true love. Hence, to fall in love, first learn to love yourself. 

5. You have attachment issues:

It’s difficult for you to trust people; it’s difficult for you to get close to people, and it’s much more challenging for you to please someone when they are unhappy (sad). 

You are a grown-up, mature (adult) person; you are emotionally stable and brave. Since childhood, living in bravery and horror to feel needy and manipulative. Hence, you want to be involved with such a person with whom you can develop a strong, trusting bond with caregiving. 

6. You live in codependency:

What is codependency? Codependency is a confusing state of mind; it states pleasing others with love, keeping a partner happy in the relationship, but somehow always ends up feeling unhappy and drained. 

The feeling of codependency stops oneself from falling in love. Perhaps in your past relationship, you had given your partner the utmost respect, care, and attention but never been taken care of.

7. You may have a personality disorder problem:

There are two things running in your mind- you want to get into a healthy relationship but also want to stay far from the relationship?

From behaving differently to overlooking things, you become weird when you are around your partner. You become conscious, and making decisions has become a tough task for you in the relationship. Because you think and feel differently than others, it makes it hard for others to understand you, and be in a relationship with you. A personality disorder is prevalent among this generation; that’s why it has become tough for people to commit a sustainable relationship. 

8. Never be afraid to fall in love: 

You are not alone in this race; there are many people like you (ever me) dealing with these issues. You need not take these psychological signs of never getting love as shame instead, give love a chance. Fall in love-yourself, love is beautiful. It’s the No. 1 thing that keeps life meaningful. So, allow yourself to take risks in love, given the right circumstances.

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