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Which Is The Best Time To Eat Dessert

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Who can resist the mouth-watering dessert? 

Can you?

Desserts are mostly the last of every meal, and no one can say no to them. We all are wired in a way to love desserts. It feels incomplete without dessert at the end of the meal. According to a study by the Davidson Institute of Science Education, we develop a taste for sweets based on the food we are exposed to in our teenage years. 

Most people prefer to eat desserts after lunch or dinner. But do you know that there is a certain time to eat dessert?  

Just like there is a particular time for sleeping, eating, and bathing, similarly, there is time for eating dessert. 

So let’s talk about the best time to eat dessert so that you can take full advantage of the same. 

Desserts are tempting, but they are one of the major reasons for weight gain. When trying to lose weight, most dieticians suggest quitting sugary substances such as sweet drinks, candies, etc. It doesn’t have any nutrition and is only for the satisfaction of your taste buds.

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Moreover, it contributes to calories. If you want to lose weight, you must cut down all your sugar intake. Initially, it may seem difficult, especially for someone with a sweet tooth, but slowly you can include it in your habit.

Because of its taste and versatility, dessert is a part of every celebration. More often, people eat dessert after dinner. They resist their craving the whole day, and then they keep them for later after dinner, which makes them go overboard. This leads to heartburn, acid reflux, upset stomach, and poor sleep.

According to the 20 minutes rule, it takes time for your stomach to communicate with your brain that your stomach is full, but that does not mean that you can’t have dessert. If you feel uncomfortably full, you can try experimenting with waiting for 10 to 15 minutes. Try to eat mindfully and slowly. Don’t eat with electronic distractions while you are eating. 

If you feel like eating dessert at any part of the day before dinner, eat it. Don’t wait for dinner to satisfy your dessert craving. If you feel digestive issues, eat dessert half an hour before sleeping. The best advice is to listen to your body. Experiment with different timing of having dessert. If any physical discomfort happens, then change the time.

Desserts are tempting but as they are high in sugar content and calories, eat them in moderation. Never go overboard with the desserts, as they can cause health issues. 

Make sure to give your body time to digest the dessert. If you want to dive into the dessert, give time between meals so that your body can digest the food easily.

Wrap up

Dessert is something that should be enjoyed without guilt. So, it’s better to create your guidelines for dessert. 

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