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5 Mobile Games That Are Good for Your Mind

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Regardless of what type of game you usually like, there’s a mobile title that suits your needs. For example, gamers can take advantage of a casino offer if they want to sample a variety of slots, from Starburst to Gonzo’s Quest. The same goes for other traditional casino games, from blackjack to roulette. 

Similar to casino gaming, word puzzles and match-three mobile games are also easy to find. Titles like Wordle have replaced Words With Friends, but the setup of word puzzles hasn’t changed much. Meanwhile, Best Fiends is starting to compete a bit more meaningfully with the staple Candy Crush Saga in terms of match-three titles.

But what about mobile games that aren’t just designed to pass the time? While word puzzles are certainly good for the brain, some apps are designed specifically with mental gymnastics in mind. If you’re looking to relax during your downtime without totally switching off your brain, then consider one of the titles below.


Sudoku is a number puzzle that helps improve a variety of mental functions. First, it challenges logical and critical thinking. Second, it also incorporates memorization. The demands are multifaceted, enough to keep a person occupied for hours.

Depending on how you prefer to play, you can select a mobile game that suits your needs. For example, AI Factury Sudoku uses machine-learning to create increasingly difficult puzzles for those tired of beginner challenges. Others, like Enjoy Sudoku, add visual elements to make the game a bit more engaging for casual players.

Monument Valley

This mobile game became widely celebrated upon its release. That’s because it introduced a visually engaging narrative into a standard puzzle game. Players have to manipulate monuments, which defy understanding because of their strange composition. In other words, it used visuals as a foundation for its puzzles. 

If you’re interested in a bit of creative storytelling with your puzzle games, then Monument Valley will provide hours of engaging challenges. With plenty of surreal elements, it’s an engaging adventure even for those who don’t care too much for solving puzzles.


Billed as a ‘brain training’ app, Luminosity was developed specifically for the mind. Regardless of a person’s level of education, they can get started with this app in order to train their brain in a certain area. 

For example, speed games are designed to get the brain working faster. Memory games, on the other hand, are designed specifically to challenge recall. Flexibility games challenge the mind to switch from wildly different activities at the drop of a dime, while attention games are all about defying incoming distractions. If you’re looking to train your brain for a specific purpose, you won’t find a more fitting app.


Similar to Luminosity, Peak was created just for the mind. Through a series of diverse games and challenges, players can incrementally improve specific mental skills. However, Peak goes above and beyond by outlining the scientific studies that inspired its different games. 

If you’re interested in learning how games can train the mind, Peak’s exploration of cognitive function and training helped earn it awards from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. It’s won multiple awards, including the Best of the Year and Editor’s Choice awards for both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Left vs Right

This mobile game takes players back to basics. It’s designed to be played in a short form, specifically for around ten minutes a day. This makes it a great choice for those who want to train their brain without diving into an hour or more of mobile gaming.

In Left vs Right, players are tasked with the simple challenge of swiping right or left according to the prompts. While this might seem extremely easy and even pointless, it helps activate the brain’s various lobes. And once these areas are activated, the brain is up and running like an engine. It’s a great exercise to keep the brain thinking quickly and accurately all day.

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