What Is Morning Fatigue?

What Is Morning Fatigue? Causes and 3 Step How to Avoid Morning Fatigue

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Have you ever found waking up in the morning a chore? Like there was a feeling of sluggishness that prevented you from getting out of bed, or that was preventing you from feeling productive that morning.

Well, that is called morning fatigue, and a lot of us are plagued by it, and there are a lot of reasons people face it. We’ll be covering a few things that give us morning fatigue and a few ways to overcome them. 

4 Causes of Morning Fatigue

There are a few things that can cause morning fatigue:

1. Blue Light Exposure:

Blue light is essentially any light that emits blue wavelengths. The light is traditionally found in light from screens like cell phone screens and computer monitors. These rays are meant to actually keep you alert during the day but can have a bad effect on you during the night. These effects translate to staying awake late at night and can also give you headaches. As a result, you get less sleep than you need and then get lazy in the morning. 

2. Unhealthy Schedule:

This essentially builds upon the earlier point. We have a lot of different things to do in the middle of the night. Binging TV shows, reading books, playing games, etc. This essentially has an impact on our sleep patterns and schedules. Because of these tasks, we end up getting less sleep than we need, and we inevitably fall victim to the side effects of a lack of sleep. These include headaches and lethargy, which make the morning harder on all of us. 

If you are, however, a disciplined individual but are unable to schedule your life better due to an unpredictable job, you may want to look for a new job. This is especially true if you often have to work the night shift. One option that can be ideal for many of you would be to consider work at home job.  

3. Sleep Environment:

Many other factors in one’s sleep environment can contribute to morning fatigue. Some examples include having a bad mattress. If you find yourself waking up with body pains and with discomfort, then it’s probably time to re-evaluate your sleeping environment and perhaps even your mattress. This can also be said for the audio environment around you if you find yourself waking up to loud noises and headaches, its time to look into soundproofing or noise-canceling options. Studies have shown that sleeping on a new mattress is better for your sleep.

4. Dietary Factors:

There are certain dietary reasons for facing morning fatigue. One of these reasons is consuming too much caffeine. Caffeine aids us in becoming more alert and keeping us awake for the whole day. This, in turn, makes it harder to go to sleep and can result in laziness in the morning. Building upon this, drinking too much water and any liquid before bedtime can actually result in the need to urinate throughout the night. This actually disturbs us during the night and can have an impact on your ability to get a good night’s sleep. 

How To Avoid Morning Fatigue? 

There are a few steps you can take to avoid morning fatigue. They are:

1. Wake Up To A Shower: 

One of the things to do when you wake up in the morning would be to hop in the shower. This can actually help with dealing with laziness in the mornings and can work to make you more alert and active in the morning. If there is no time for a shower in the morning, you can always substitute with a slash of cold water in the face. Research has shown that cold showers can assist in improving health and also reduce the overall sick days any would go through during the year. 

2. Start With Breakfast:

Always have a good breakfast at the start of the day; your sluggishness could be caused by a host of different things from dehydration to a lack of necessary nutrients. Having breakfast can help fuel the body and help you in being active throughout the day. It’s always a good idea to include food that can help reduce fatigue in your diets, such as lean proteins, nuts, and oats. These may help with the morning fatigue in the long run and allow you to feel fresh when starting your day. It would also help to keep away from that cup of morning coffee. 

3. Practice Self-Care: 

Perhaps the reason for your morning fatigue is something else. Stress and anxiety have an impact on your mental health and can lead to feelings of laziness and headaches. It’s a good idea to address these issues in your life and make time for yourself throughout the day. Look into hobbies, go out and take a walk in the sun, do anything that can help you relax. The chances are that once you make time for yourself, you will find yourself feeling better than before. 

Take Away:

Morning Fatigue can fall on to anyone at any time. All of us must assess our environments and determine what can bring us a peaceful night’s sleep with a good bill of health moving forward.