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5 Women Entrepreneurs in the Metaverse Field

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Undoubtedly, Metaverse is the internet’s next big thing. While its structure and boundaries are still being defined, it also brings forth a new string of developers, entrepreneurs, and industry leaders. It has a multi-sectoral reach into almost all possible industries- education, healthcare, fashion, retail, real estate, among many others.

Metaverse offers a solution as a gender-inclusive workplace for women.

Metaverse has the potential to create an alternate world, free of all existing problems in the real world. The virtual world offers remote work and education, which reduces discrimination faced in the real world based on race, gender, physical or mental disabilities, age, and even sexual orientation. We can build a world that truly reflects the diverse population and tends to their needs.

For all women, Metaverse offers a chance at being assessed solely on the basis of their talent and hard work. From childhood, girls are defined by the dimensions of place and time. We all are familiar with the phrase-‘Return before it gets dark’ or being given a curfew depending on when it gets dark since staying out till late is frowned upon. These overall constraints of time and space influence the girl and her family in choosing her school and her course, and eventually even her career.

Remote work eliminates existing obstacles for the female workforce.
In the physical world, women have to face quite a number of obstacles like lack of adequate sanitation facilities, unsafe transportation, inadequate work-life balance, sexual harassment at the workplace, and unequal pay.

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Metaverse offers an opportunity to get work done remotely in their houses which eliminates the need to be physically present. New mothers face an extreme dilemma while choosing a new job or even returning to the old one, which is only overburdened with the guilt of leaving their child at home. This virtual workplace will be way different from the monotonous zoom call meetings; it offers a better digital version of communication and a feeling of being physically present in a manner more reminiscent of the offline workplace.

Successful Women in the Metaverse Field

As we edge nearer to turning Metaverse into reality and not just a business pitch, many female figures stand out as successful role models in this growing industry.

Their work helps in encouraging and educating other women and also drawing their interest in this field. Given below are 5 women who are extremely successful in this field.

1. Lindsey McInerney

Lindsey McInerney

Lindsey McInerney is the current Global Head of Technology and Innovation at Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s largest brewer. A thorough tech futurist, she is passionate about Web 3.0 and the Metaverse and has spent her entire career building startups and leading digital adoptions of many Fortune 500 companies. She led the collaboration between Stella Artois and ZED RUN, the virtual horse racing platform, to give users exclusive horse breed NFTs. Her expertise and knowledge in the Metaverse, NFTs, crypto, blockchain, among many others, make her a natural internet nerd and on the top of this list.

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2. Cathy Hackl

Cathy Hackl

Cathy Hackl is the present CEO, founder, and Chief Metaverse Officer of the Futures Intelligence Group, where she advises top brands on metaverse growth strategies, NFTs, and building virtual worlds for the brands. She is known as the Godmother of the Metaverse owing to her remarkable knowledge and expertise in the field. She has worked with well-known companies like HTC VIVE, Magic Leap, AWS (Amazon Web Services), among many others. Other than her expertise in the tech sector, she is also an influential speaker, writer, and media personality.

3. Avery Akkineni

Avery Akkineni

Avery Akkineni currently serves as the President of Vayner NFT company. The company aims to build long-term strategic NFT projects to help the world’s leading intellectual property owners serve brands, celebrities, and other associations. During her time, she led multiple successful ventures to expand the company; she opened offices in Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, and Sidney. She also received the prestigious SEA Independence Agency of the Year award for her contributions.

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4. Krista Kim

Krista Kim

Krista Kim is the founder of Techism and a well-known contemporary artist and the. Techism is an art movement started by her in 2014 that merges technological innovation with the creation of art. Her interest in the potential of digital technology and its effect on art through media, social structures, and communication naturally cultivated her interest in the field of Metaverse. She developed her signature language of shifting gradients using digital software and used that in her artworks. She was included in the Top 30 Influential People of the Metaverse by the Read and Write Magazine and even named as the contributing Metaverse Editor for Singapore Vogue. Her art was also exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art of Paris. At present, she remains the ambassador of SuperWorld, which is an AR Virtual world that allows users to create, discover and even monetize unique plots of virtual land.

5. Emma-Jane Mackinnon-Lee

Emma-Jane Mackinnon-Lee

Emma-Jane Mackninnon-Lee is the Founder and CEO of DIGITALAX, a Web 3.0 digital platform that builds the first digital fashion OS that optimizes web architecture to create fashion, gaming, modding, NFTs, DeFi, VR, and other 3D virtual spaces. The company launched Diggy Fizzy, a metaverse magazine, to highlight new creators and new voices in the NFT industry and related fields.

These women are just a tiny percentage of the population that proves Metaverse’s immense potential with their success in this field.

Before incorporating this technology into our lives, we first have to ensure that the foundation of the Metaverse lies in the inclusivity and safety of our women.

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