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These are the 8 Things Women Should Do Right After Sex, For Healthy Vagina

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If you are one of those who are more prone to vaginal infection and UTIs, remember these pretty simple things to do after sex to keep your vagina and your libido equally happy.

Many women don’t know that there are specific after-sex rules which they should adopt. So, once you are done with the passionate love-making art, your vagina wants to breathe, your body wants to clean up, and much more. 

What are the things to do right after sex?  

You had good sex. But now it’s over. So, what’s next? Can’t you lay on the same sheet without wiping yourself? Probably not! So, what do you need to do after sex? The sexy role-play outfits, chemistry, and sex toys are something that contributes to steamy-hot sex. 

The point is, a beautiful passion-play is over? Here we go…

1. Pee first, if you’re prone to UTI:

You may have heard this thing many times: hit the washroom right after the sex. But probably not knowing the reason? Because when the penis enters a vagina, there’s a transfer of bacteria, which is quite normal.

As the urethra is nearer to the vagina, the chances of getting infected are high. Pee helps you to flush all the bacteria inside the vagina. Or, if you refuse to go to the washroom, it may cause a UTI.

So once you have done the deed, excuse yourself and go to the washroom and pee! Even a Trinkle will do the work. 

2. Drink Water

Sex is definitely a good exercise to burn calories. Likewise, you hydrate yourself right after the gym; it’s also important to sip some H2O after sex. 

Water is a significant component to keep the body hydrated; enough water content allows you to pee and removes whatever bacteria or infections that could be blocking your urinary tract.  

So, now you know the very first thing to do right after sex is to guzzle down plenty of water. This way, your body changes up for the second round (go, girl)

3. Munch some probiotics

A woman knows why it is good to have probiotics, good for skin, and healthy for the vagina. Eating probiotics is an excellent way to keep healthy bacteria flourishing in the vagina. So, after sex, you can have a bowl full of cranberries and yogurt. 

4. Soak in the bathtub

After sex, give some relaxation to your body. Pamper yourself like a queen while enjoying a stunning bathtub session. 

Pro-tip- add some extra virgin coconut oil to the warm bath to help hydrate the skin of the outer vagina. It also soothes vaginal swelling or irritation if it occurs after doing the deed. Moreover, it helps in reducing the risk of infection. 

Remember not to have a hot water bath. Because after sex, the vulva of the vagina gets swollen—meaning your vagina is more susceptible to infection.

5. Go commando

Make sure to clean yourself right after sex. Next, cotton should be your go-to fabric. Avoid lacy or satin panties; these fabrics won’t let the genitals breathe, which may cause infections such as a UTI.

The point is, you should be wearing something comfy fabric that allows air to pass through easily (free-flowing down there). Otherwise, you get trapped catching bacteria. 

6. Put some ice down there

Chances can be you had fiery, rough sex or had done after a while, so you might feel some itching or irritation in the vagina. To avoid such sensations in the vagina- use the cold compression technique. Give some extra love to your genitals – wrap some ice in a hand towel and massage over the vagina till the irritation vanishes (aka itchy as hell)!

7. Clean your sex toys

It will be good if you clean your sex toys right after the sex; later, if you forget and reuse them, chances can be you will get infected by bacteria covered on toys. 

8. Lastly, cuddle up

Cuddling after sex is a sweet way to express love and feelings. It actually plays an important role in sexual intercourse. Gushy-mushy cuddling is a post-sex reward, connects people, and makes both partners feel satisfied.

So, take time after sex and lay in the arms of your partner.

Wrapping Up!

Sex is blissful. It’s a master-art of connecting with your partner. 

Hence, if you want to ponder much love in your relationship, follow these right after sex rules, good for your genitals, and keep the body healthy. 

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