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The Watchlist Every Woman Should Have When Looking For Her Better Half

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Every woman is different with her unique desires and wants in life. There is no scope of an argument here. Yet, when it comes to love and relationships, there are some ground rules we all often agree to. A few of them are so fundamental that they make the search for your life partner easier. 

So, what might these basic principles or watchlists be to find the one for yourself? Excited to know? The list below is curated after surveying multiple women in my social circle. 

Some of them have been married for years; others got hooked this year. The remaining are single, engaged, or looking for a potential partner.

In brief, I interviewed around 50 ladies in my close-knit circle to give the right answer as I deem it to be. Look closely at this watchlist below to save time in your hunt as well for an ideal partner. 

1. Someone Who Respects You For Your Differences

Women are a difficult breed. We all agree to that. And why not? We are always riding on different emotions. 

We need a strong man to understand those differences. You might be an introvert, always lost in yourself. But you still need someone who knows how to press the right buttons to talk you out of a bad mood.

I am not saying that it doesn’t go the other way. Of course, ladies, this is the 21st century. Women need to buckle up too to treat men right in their life. But that’s another topic for another beautiful blogging day.

So, vouch for the man who respects your different personality – be it an introvert, extrovert, or both. Or maybe none. Who cares? The man should give you his full support for being an OG! (Original gangster) and then approach you by understanding where you are coming from. This includes your values, beliefs, aspirations, moods, thought processes, and so much more. 

Because if a man cannot stand your opinions, can he really stand at all (in your life)?

2. Someone Who Pushes You To The Next Level In Your Life

Have you heard of Kaizen? It’s a Japanese concept used in the manufacturing sector and most life scenarios. It means continuous improvement. Simply put, it boasts constant change for the betterment of the organization. 

Our body, mind, and soul together form an organization. And when you find an ideal partner, you want to share yourself completely with him — including soul, mind, and body. So, it has to be done right. For that, you need someone in your life who knows you inside-out: the real you. And then pushes you to the next level.

But seldom would any woman want a clueless better half in her life. Such men are too vapid to bring a spark in the relationship.

When you realize that your lover, BF, or fiancé is not taking any initiative, tighten the seat belt of your life. It’s time to take charge.

Ask the man what’s wrong and handle the mist. But never let the chance to grow, inspire, improve, and do something new together die. Otherwise, what’s the point?

3. Someone Who Is A Complete Man

Women mostly draw the wrong men in their lives. This reality generally doesn’t change even when we bear the boss lady crown professionally. 

We go gaga over bad men with broken emotional personalities. It’s poisonous for our life path. These men still deal with the baggage of their past and are afraid to move on when confronted. They are most often scared of commitment and end up making you feel unimportant. 

Take charge instead when you go for those men who know how to woo a woman in the courtship period. It might sound too poise and pompous. But the man who treats you well without narcissism should be the one for you. 

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This might not be applied to every woman; I will remind you again.

But finding a complete man feels like finding a home in another person in reality. It’s quite poetic. Yet, it has justifications. The real man asks your permission before entering your personal space when he knows you little. 

And the ideal better half will be ready to share his future goals with you. He won’t shy away from commitments. He will be willing to talk about insecurities, fears, aspirations, goals, and everyday life. 

4. Someone Who Has An Opinion And Life Of His Own

Don’t let any other human being become fully dependent on you including your better half. And neither should you be the one with dependency needs.

So, find a partner who has a life of his own like yours. With such a person, sharing your life becomes fun, adventurous, and attractive. 

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5. Someone Who Will Be Willing To Talk About Sex Life Without Shame

Your partner must have either the experience or the knowledge of sex. Having both will be a jackpot, woman. Don’t miss it. Next, he must be willing to talk about it openly with you. Because if not with his future wife, then who? 

Seep the dynamics of a married life reality: you will be sharing your private wants and desires with him. It includes sex which is the strongest driving force on this planet! 


I have listed five crisp points above, which you shouldn’t miss finding the one for you. This list has personally helped me to sort my relationships up until now.

I won’t say that these 5 points are the only ones for every female reader out there. But these in this blog form an underpinning to start your hunt in the right direction to lead a fruitful life ahead with your lover.

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