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How to Host an Unforgettable Guys’ Night In

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While it’s fun to go out on the town with your mates, you might sometimes want to stay in with your guy friends. Don’t get me wrong, going out clubbing or to the local casino is fun, but it quickly wears down your funds, not to mention all that alcohol (and, let’s face it, fast food) takes its toll on your waistline.

Instead, hosting a guy’s night in is cheap, and often far more fun. You can play whatever music you want and dress however you like, and if you overdo it on the alcohol, you can go to bed instead of getting a cab home.

I know what you’re thinking – “we’re not teenagers any more”, but we’re here to show you that it’s not just going to be hanging out in your mates’ bedroom, playing video games. Instead, here’s how you plan an unforgettable guys’ night in (for adults!).

Pick a theme

First up, you need to pick a theme. Your mates don’t want to come over to “hang out”, you need something to entice them to come over, and it has to be better than a night at the pub or club. If there’s a big boxing match or sports game being shown on the television, construct your night around that. Even better, plan an activity that doesn’t revolve around a screen, such as hosting a poker night, a barbecue, or (if you’re musical) jamming in your garage.

Set up properly

Some themes require more prep than others. For example, if you want to host a poker game, you’ll need a deck of cards, a poker table, and of course – something to gamble with. If you want to start a band, you’ll all need an instrument (and some understanding, pre-warned neighbors). To hold a barbecue, you’ll need at least a grill, some meat, and outside space – and try not to forget that one friend who’s trying out a plant-based diet.

It might not feel super macho, but adequately preparing for your guys’ night in will help you create an unforgettable night for you all.

Don’t forget the refreshments

While you’re setting up, don’t forget to be a good host and plan some food and drinks for your attendees. Will you be ordering pizza, or will you cook? Either way, you need to have a plan, so you don’t end up scouring your cupboards at 9 pm with a pack of hungry friends whining at you.

If you’re planning on drinking, make sure you buy a few communal beers, even if you expect your guests to bring their own. (It’s always good to have a little extra, so no one has to make an awkward midnight shopping trip to the local shop.) While you’re at it, don’t forget to add in a few soft drinks – you don’t want people going too crazy in your home!


Speaking of hosting a night at your home, you’ll need to relax once the night is underway. Yes, it’s your home, but you’re the one who invited your mates round, and no one is going to have a good time if you’re always worried about someone spilling wine on the carpet or scratching your brand new guitar.

If you have any valuables and you’re worried they could get damaged during your planned activities, put them away somewhere safe before the night gets started – and don’t be stuck up about the state your home is left in.

Make sure you have attendees.

Before you start setting up for your unforgettable night, make sure your friends are coming. Don’t take a “maybe” as a yes – you need a firm confirmation for all of this preparation to be worth your time. A monetary chip in is an excellent way to make sure your mates won’t flake on you on the day – ask for a couple of bucks towards the meat for the barbecue or pizza, or ask for the poker buy-in upfront.

Once your mates have arrived, get ready for the unforgettable night to begin!

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