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6 Zero-Waste Makeup Alternatives for Everyday Use

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If you wear makeup often, you might want to think twice about the brand of makeup you use. Most beauty products are loaded with chemicals that can be hazardous to your health and toxic to the planet. But don’t fret–there are a good few out there that are completely chemical-free and sustainable!

Check out these fantastic zero-waste makeup alternatives for everyday use.

1. Reusable Cotton Rounds

That’s right–eco-friendly reusable cotton rounds like LastRound by LastObject now exist. These are made from organic cotton and contain no chemicals. They are also built to last for more than a thousand uses and are completely biodegradable.

Simply use them the same way you would use regular cotton rounds. Instead of throwing them away afterward, however, wash them with water and mild soap. Leave them to dry, then put them back in their ocean-bound case.

Your skin (and the environment!) will definitely thank you for switching to these reusable rounds.

2. Sustainable Eyebrow Wax

Eyebrows do more than just sit on top of your eyes. This helps draw attention to your eyes and affects how your entire face shape looks. That is why a lot of women have eyebrow wax in their makeup arsenal. Often, however, it’s the chemical-filled kind.

So, switch to zero-waste eyebrow wax instead like Nudi’s sustainable Lion Brow Taming Wax. It’s made from only three ingredients: shea butter, beeswax, and tree resin. It also comes in a plastic-free and biodegradable push-up tube for easy application.

However, the product does not come with its own spoolie. Nudi encourages customers to reuse any old spoolies they may have at home. But if they have nothing to recycle, the brand carries a reusable spoolie product customers can buy separately.

3. Toxic-Free Lipstick

Lipstick products are probably the be-all and end-all of the beauty industry. In fact, if women could only use one make-up tool for the rest of their lives, most would answer lipstick. Not only does it enhance a smile, but it can present the wearer with a completely different look in a matter of seconds.

However, most lipsticks contain chemicals you’d never want anywhere near your skin. Go for zero-waste lipstick instead, like Neek Skin Organics’ Vegan Lipstick. It only contains ethically sourced natural ingredients like jojoba oil and castor oil.

It was also a finalist in the Australian Non-Toxic Awards 2020, which recognizes socially responsible products. Plus, it comes in sustainable and recyclable packaging and is delivered to customers in plastic-free satchels that are compostable.

4. Zero-Waste Mascara

Wearing mascara is a great way to put emphasis on and enhance the way your eyes look. But unless you are using a zero-waste and organic mascara product like Dab Herb Makeup’s Aloe Mascara Bar, you are damaging not only your eyelashes but also your eyes.

This hypoallergenic zero-waste mascara is made from premium vegan ingredients and contains no chemicals and synthetics. It promotes longer and thicker lashes and holds up well for up to 8 hours.

It also comes in a tin container that you can recycle. You can even opt to purchase a refill only (without the container), and it will cost you less! To use it, add 1 to 2 drops of water. Swirl your wand or brush around the bar’s edges carefully.

Once you have achieved a creamy consistency, apply gently to your lashes. With this zero-waste mascara, you won’t have to worry about damaging your lashes and eyes later on.

5. Natural Cream Concealer

Where’s the fun in wearing makeup if that zit on the tip of your nose is trying to steal everybody’s attention? Let’s say it all together now: thank goodness for concealers! But not those harmful, pore-clogging concealers. We’re talking about zero-waste concealers such as Dirty Hippie’s Mineral Cream Concealer!

This hand-made product is toxin-free and titanium dioxide-free. It’s made from natural ingredients like olive oil and sweet almond oil and is dispatched in minimal, recycled packaging. Even better, it doubles as a foundation!

To use it as a concealer, use a brush for best results. If you want to use it as a foundation, apply lightly all over your face. Now, you can finally cover up areas on your face without worrying about your skin later on!

6. Vegan Blush

The invention of blush is one of the best things that’s ever happened to the beauty industry. Just a few dabs of it on the cheeks can transform your entire appearance from dull to glowing. However, unless your blush is sustainable, your skin may break out.

So, switch to friendlier blush products instead, just like River Organic’s Vegan Blush Stick. It’s entirely vegan, certified cruelty-free, and helps keep your skin hydrated. It also comes in paper tube packaging.

You can use it in three ways: apply it directly to your cheeks, use a sponge, or use a flat brush. When you’ve used up the entire product, just toss the packaging into your compost bin!

And that’s it! With these makeup alternatives, you can now be truly confident about looking beautiful without sacrificing your skin and the environment.

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