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5 Ways To Seduce Your Woman With Love

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As a man, you don’t need to have a rocket engineer’s intelligence to make a woman have the desire to have sex with you. Seducing her to want to hop in bed with you is a lot easier than most men think!

Every woman has expectations from her partner. It includes respect, care, a sense of humour, etc. The desire to be sexually active with the guy she’s in love with is not the least among her expectations. For this to happen, often, it is the man that needs to initiate the process of deep intimacy. If he does this successfully, then she will find him sexually attractive.

Whether you’re meeting her for the first time, have been “just friends” for a while, or are keen to build up the sexual tension in an existing, dull relationship, you need to know How To Seduce A Woman.

Before you end up making the wrong move on her, read through to the end so that you’ve got the formula right.

How To Seduce A Woman?

1. Earn her trust and make her comfortable around you

Never make her feel you’re in it just for the sex. You shouldn’t be in a relationship just for sex. The foundation of every healthy and successful relationship is honesty, trust, kindness, clarity, and acceptance. If you have these key ingredients, the comfort level is there, and the rest (including sex) follows a natural path. If you make your girlfriend comfortable, she will desire you more and will undoubtedly find you sexier. 

By creating an environment conducive to comfortably practicing observation, awareness, and communication, both partners can move ahead to the next steps. This is because an emotional connection is now in place as a critical foundation. 

2. Interact with her in a manner that she will get turned on by

Once the emotional connection is in place, it’s time to do the right things and turn her on. You need to be a master in seducing your lady with your conversation, style, and gestures.

Simply put, you need to be masculine and flirt with her. In your male presence, she should feel ‘girly,’ or better yet, like a ‘real woman.’ You’re adding a spark to the relationship, and this spark should continue by always being flirtatious.

You can’t expect her to feel attracted on her own; you’ve got to actively turn her on by your actions. It’s what you say and does around her that turns her on.

3. Tell her, and show her that you find her sexually attractive

And, this is very important, no matter what stage of the relationship you’re at. 

It’s a universal fact that every woman has insecurities about her looks. The average woman compares herself with models, and no wonder she’s not content. This is why you, as her man, should realize that she wants to feel truly sexy in your eyes while having sex. You need to make her feel truly accepted by you for who she is. You need to make her think you love everything about your lady.

For example, glare at her with appreciation and tell her, “you’re so beautiful, and I love you.”

If you see she’s made a great effort in dressing up for a date, appreciate her and say, “you’re looking damn sexy.”

The two key takeaways here are “appreciate her” and tell her she’s “sexy.” The word “sexy” is magical and irreplaceable by routine and formal alternatives like “beautiful,” “pretty,” etc. 

4. Build up sexual tension to a peak

Delaying sex, when both you and your woman have already built up the strong urge to have it, is what sexual tension is. Sexual tension turns women on. The excitement accumulates, and sexual tension is finally released by kissing and having sex. 

If you’re meeting for the first time, or are new in a relationship, or have been together for several years, in the absence of sexual tension, you’ll just be friends. You need to actively make her feel attracted to you while interacting with her for sexual tension to start building up. This way, the idea of having sex will begin appealing to her.

5. Make her horny with your touch

This is a primary method to get her attracted to you. In case you’re meeting her for the first time, a friendly handshake should do the trick while you’re introducing yourself. Keep holding her hand firmly yet gently while you’re looking into her eyes and complimenting her looks. Your confidence and gentle demeanor are sure to turn her on. 

Your masculinity and flirtatious gesture will make her feel like a woman like no other. She will be charmed and turned on by all these actions. 

If she’s a friend for some time, give her a warm hug while greeting her and saying goodbye. You can even give her a peck (slight kiss) on one cheek. While doing so, you can mention to her, “I like you, you’re sexy.”

In the final scenario, it could be your girlfriend or wife. It is the challenging part. Here we’re referring to a long-time partner that hasn’t witnessed the spark for sex in quite some time. Again, the code to crack here is the same. Get her attracted to you by attractively interacting with her. You could do this by gentle actions like hugging and luring her by gently caressing and touching her all over her body. Remember, not to rush into all this. If she resists, tell her how much you love her and how sexy you will be. 

Finally, Release and Relax 

Release the sexual tension you’ve worked smartly to build up with your partner but relax if you’re new at all this and failing. If you are talking to women and aren’t getting anywhere, don’t give up!

Keep this How To Seduce A Woman guide handy and your all set to rock.

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