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5 Signs Stress is Ruining Your Relationship

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Stress is unavoidable. It’s everywhere and creating nuisances in our daily lives. Whether it’s about work, home, or relations, stress mentally disturbs one’s inner peace. Moreover, being under stress has become the primary reason for the couple’s conflict.

Enduring relationships have become hard these days. We often hold onto relationships that are no longer good for us. Even studies too have shown that after a lack of communication, stress is the second primary reason to wreck happy relationships.

Stress not only demolishes relationships but also bestows harmful effects on health. From anxiety to pain attacks, stomach aches, and depression are a few common symptoms of stress. Eventually, your sex life, too, gets affected. 

So, if you feel like your relationship is losing the spark and heading to a downward spiral, then it’s time to learn the quick fixes.

Stress affects sex life too…

As per researchers – stress triggers the release of a large amount of hormone called cortisol, which suppresses sex hormones – in short, your libido gets hit. That means you have less sex.

Your relationship with your partner will suffer if you stop being intimate. Along with emotional and mental care, physical attraction is too essential to keep the relationship healthy.  

How is Stress Ruining Relationships?

Till now, have you understood how lousy stress could be for your relationship? 

So, before the stress overwhelms you, change your perspective by changing your environment. Surround yourself with positive vibes, and practicing the five steps below can bring your relationship back on a positive track.

1. Adopt a strategy: 

It’s not possible that in every troublesome situation, two of your thoughts match; chances can be that your plans to handle stressful situations might go in the opposite direction. In that case, instead of being dominating and saying negative things to your partner, make a plan to channel that negativity into positivity. And, one of the best ways to tackle such stressful situations is by communicating or exercising together.

2. Support and love are the keys to beat the stress: 

Being in a relationship means you must support and motivate your partner for well-being. If you ever feel like your partner is stressed out with the surrounding things, give them some ME-TIME to heal. Cook for them and create a smoky environment to relax their mind. Letting your partner know that you are with them at a stressful time works as a booster to beat the stress briefly intensify the sex hormone. 

3. Divert your mind in good things: 

Since you know stress makes you imagine bad things, the best thing you can do is change your viewpoint. 

If you are a person who easily freaks out and thinks most of the time negatively, it’s time to deflect your vision to reduce the stress flow, which in turn releases the oxytocin (happy) hormone. Start with listening to calm music, read an inspirational novel, do deep breathing, often meditate – do something that makes you happy. With this, you are able to bring the anxiety levels to a tolerable level. 

Moreover, never take the stressful situation as the end of the world; act mindfully and patiently, you’ll get through it.

4. Prioritize your commitment:

Was your relationship exactly the same six months back? Of course not, so imagine what has changed? If you feel awkward talking to your partner because of your stress behavior, then it’s best to prioritize things to find out what’s most important. You need to believe that all things are not in your hands. 

Swiftly, initiate talk with your partner, give them a gentle neck massage to reduce stress, which eventually raises the intimacy between both of you, leading to a sensuous love-making session. 

5. At last, seek advice:

Many of the time, your partner themselves are not able to meet all your needs. Chances can be they are overwhelmed. At that time, don’t be afraid to reach out to your family, relatives, or friends for help. Talk to a relationship counselor, or schedule an appointment with a therapist, do all the needy things to save your relationship. 

Whenever you feel like the stress is destroying you and your relationships, also mentally disturbing, you seek help. Never let the power of stress and anxiety take control over you. Beat the stress with this guide and bring the shimmering love back to your relationship. 

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