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9 Annoying Things Guys Do That Irritates Women the Most

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**This is purely the author’s personal thought, doesn’t resemble anyone’s experience**

Let’s admit it, girls! No one can change them until or unless they feel it.

We all have been in a relationship, and there are a few things about our partner that annoys us the most? Be it responding to the paragraph message in one word to not responding, even after seeing, and cutting the call without completing the talk, shouts the hell out of us. 

We are not asking you to talk to us all day, but whenever we are talking, at least talk nicely. Responses like Hmmm, Yeah, I’m listening, Listen, I gotta go now, annoys us, of course, frustrates us and this situation of Ughhh makes us shout at the person who is standing next to us.

So, what are the annoying things guys do? 

I believe every woman out there has experienced this. When their partner leaves them clueless and doesn’t even realize they have done something wrong.

Moreover, when you explain to them that they have done something that is not right, they do not admit it and start giving excuses.. – for example, I was busy, Honey, something important came up, I was working on an important project and so on.

Here is a complete list of annoying things guys do which irritate us the most:

1. Not replying to the messages:

Trust me, this is one of the most annoying things about the guys, leaving their partners unaware of the happenings. It doesn’t take ages for you to respond to us back, and we need you to text back; it’s as simple as that.  

Irritating things guys do

But leaving the message unopened for hours makes us go mad. So, dear man, if you want to enter your home peacefully, pause your work for a second, respond to the partner’s message, and definitely not a one-word answer, the entire thing needs to be descriptive and make sense.

Otherwise, every woman loves waking up next to fresh lavenders. 

2. Leaving toilet seats open:

Okay, no girl can deny this, and this thing of the guy hell annoys us the most. 

Living together means understanding and respecting each other’s choices and preferences. But, whenever I enter the bathroom and see that toilet seat open, I feel like my inner self shouts loudly and says, Godsake, somebody give this man a little brain, please. 

We don’t want to start every day arguing over this silly thing, so please, dear darling, bear in mind that the next time you leave the toilet seat open, don’t point to our PMS-ing; we are outraged, and apologizing is all we want to hear!

3. Cutting calls in-between talks:

This is the classic thing that irritates every woman the most when their partner cuts the call while they are going to say or talk about something important. And, this is not something they do deliberately; that is in their nature. 

Not listening to what their partner is saying and cutting the call when they are done talking about their stuff is a man thing. I assume this behavior is in the man’s genes; maybe they can’t retain some kind of information. Moreover, they don’t even realize they have done something wrong till the time their partner confronts them. 

4. Passing Gas & Burping in Public:

How many times have you noticed your guy passing gas in public spaces? I guess, plenty of time, and they don’t even feel bad about this, whether it’s a movie theater or roaming in the city centers, passing gas becomes the new normal for them and another irritating thing for us. 

That’s not all; sometimes they burp so loud in the restaurants, even the people sitting next to us make weird expressions. Though burping is fine, it relates to overeating, so why eat much when your stomach is already full. These two things of the guy irritated the women the most.

5. Assuming things:

See guys, we adore it when you directly come to us and ask what things are bothering you? Instead of cooking something in your head, please don’t blame it on our nature. Saying you can be cranky, hangry is not OK. 

You must be knowing the way to figure out how to talk to us, making assumptions about why we’re reacting this way, irrespective of any emotion – happiness or sadness, the anger of calmness. Communicate with us, rather than spoiling our mood.

6. Watching sports with friends:

Irritating things guys do

Boozing up with friends while watching cricket/baseball/football brings another level of totally understandable excitement. It is something in their testosterone. But sometimes, it happens to see that the guy cancels important dates or forgets to complete the stuff which their partner has asked to finish, and that’s what annoys us the most. It’s kinda part of the manly code of ethics.

7. Staring at another woman:

Accept it, you just can’t keep control of your eyes, and every time you see a group of sexy girls, your puppy-eyes start googling. No matter how long you are in a relationship, a man can’t stop staring at other pretty girls; it’s another fascinating thing in their DNA. 

Moreover, you sneak in such a way that you won’t even get caught up! But we know you, your expressions and actions speak to us so, the next time, when you are walking with your partner on the streets, be aware because our eyes are sharp and we are brilliant in pointing at the slightest moment. 

8. Not helping in household chores:

Nothing can make a woman happier when their house seems clean, every utensil is washed, laundry is done, and a healthy breakfast on the bed. 

Irritating things guys do

9. We love being pampered

If you want to win your woman’s heart, add surprise date night, cooking their favorite meal, and taking them for vacation things to your reminder list; these are small gestures you can make to keep them happy and relationship strong. Every woman loves indulging, and on bad days, we just need extra pampering.

Last thoughts!

These are the few irritating things about the guy which the woman hates the most. So, dear man, stop giving us foolish excuses and start admitting your things. Your efforts are highly appreciable to make a relationship stronger and cherishable.

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