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13 Women Share The Moment They Realized They’d Fallen In Love

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What love is? It is the most beautiful feeling in the world!

“You realize you’re in love with someone when you feel the need to spend quality time with them, and you can’t imagine your life without this person anymore. Another important sign you’re in love with someone is they’re often (if not always) in your mind, and you realize they’ve become one of your top priorities. Also, you realize you’re in love with someone when you’re not interested in anyone else, and you feel your heart only belongs to this new person.” – Sira Mas

“I knew I loved my husband when I shared a very deep, personal, the lifelong struggle of mine that I had been hesitant to share. I worried I would be judged, mocked, or he would walk away from our relationship completely. But he didn’t. He was unconditionally loving and supportive. It was then I knew that I didn’t just like him; I loved him. Finding somebody who accepts not just the good but also the bad is a very special thing. We’re now married, traveling the world together, and happier than ever!” – Kate Sortino

“Do you know that feeling when you hear your favorite song or watch an amazing sunset? Well, you have the same feeling when you fall in love. When a woman falls in love, her behavior immediately changes. All thoughts are focused only on him, so she becomes distracted and forgetful. What used to be considered super important, like work, goes into the background.” – Ashley


“When a woman falls in love, she flourishes. Beauty is born in her and erupts. It starts to change: first inside, then outside. Very often, those women who have not used cosmetics at all start doing it actively when they are in love. The style of clothing changes very often, becoming more feminine, romantic, more open, and lighter. Jeans replace dresses and skirts that emphasize the figure. Because a man should not only pay attention but also keep it on the woman. For him, she simply has to be the most beautiful and the only one.”-  Ashley Dolan

“I was on an overnight train in Vietnam when I realized I was in love. We met the summer before in Europe on a 3-week tour and had traveled together for 2 weeks after the tour ended. We kept in touch all year (I lived in NYC, he lived in Melbourne, Aus), and we met up in Asia for the summer. A couple of weeks earlier, one night in Bangkok, I told him that this wasn’t real life, he didn’t know me in real life, this is just vacation. We were on the train in a room with an older couple, and while talking to them, I realized that I was in love and did want to have a real-life together.”- Lanie

“The moment I realized how much I enjoyed seeing him happy, smiling, and prospering, I knew I was in love. When you’re in love, you want to hear your partner laugh… Their smile has the power to make you fall head over heels. All you want to do is make them happy, as it gives you joy and peace. Love is selfless, and if you genuinely love someone, you will try your best to make them smile and offer them the love they deserve.”- Natalie Maximets

“When I can’t stop thinking about someone, their voice, their warmth, their eyes, wishing for them to be near all of the time, and picturing a future with them, I know I’m in love with them. When it appears that life would be impossible to bear without them? That’s when.” – Sherry Morgan

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“You know you’re falling when you forget you’re hungry, and all you can think about is how awesome the other person is when you can sit quietly with each other and feel like the best conversation you’ve ever had. Silence is one of the most powerful things, like communicating without saying anything. You know you’re falling when you wake up, and the other person is the first thing that crosses your mind, and the thought of them instantly makes you smile.

You know you’re falling when you can sleep with them in bed, especially if you can sleep while snoring and share the comforter.” – Sweet

“When you are going about your business, actively living your life, and then suddenly without any plan or preemptive measure, you see him and the whole world stops around you literally, it’s like a vacuum of silence. You become self-conscious, afraid, and yet mushy.” – Sabine Saadeh

“I think the moment when you realize you fell in love is when it hurts to think that your partner isn’t in your life anymore. The beginning stage of a relationship, when you feel a strong connection, butterflies in your stomach, when you don’t feel like yourself and constantly think about your partner isn’t real love. Real love is more stable, it’s the one that sees both of you in long term, the one that makes you plan and think about the future. It’s the one that makes you think about your partner’s well-being before your own. When you think about your partner in a calmer, caring way than ever before.” – Emma Miles

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“I think the moment I started falling in love with him is when he showed me real consistency both with his words and actions. He became very vocal on how he feels about me, not just with me but to all the people that are close to me – from my closest friends up to my immediate supervisor (knowing that it’s an office love affair). In our country, men still COURT women and he did that consistently for months. He makes me feel safe, secure, calm – unlike my past relationships that are thrilling yet full of insecurities and pain.” – Arvie Narido

“I always happen to have altered voices or often anxious second voices that are talking inside my head. But, since I met this guy and every time I am with him, those second voices and anxious voices became warm, quiet, and peaceful. That is the moment I realize I am in love. Just by being with him. Hearing his voice. Gives me more than happiness and comfort.” – April Maccario

“When you seem happier when he’s around and felt hopeful for things in life. Even when bad things are happening with you, you felt secure when he comforts you. It is love when you also care for him without any benefits, you just care for him, and you think of him always. Without any reason, you just feel like you want to be with him as he is always there for you. You see, it takes efforts and commitments to be in love, it is not a feeling, but a decision.” – Michelle Devani

“I realized I had fallen in love with him when I could not get his thoughts off my mind. Literally, everything I encountered kept reminding me of him. All of my senses played tricks on me. I smelled a male cologne and instantly thought of him. Sweet aromas reminded me of our dates. The thoughts would bring a warm feeling to my heart and I would long for his touch, the taste of his kiss, and the warmth of his hug. This was despite the fact that we were miles apart at that moment. One day I slept and dreamt of a future with him. In the dream, I could sense peace and warmth between us. The next day I had to shoot my shot and ask for a relationship and although it did not last long, it was the best six months of the romantic relationship I have ever had. I am not sure of what to think about the dream I had but probably it was just a longing in the subconscious mind expressed in the dream. Or then again, the universe may unite us again in the future for our forever.” – Marilyn Gaskell

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