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7 Tips for Staying Healthy When Working Remotely

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Remote work is a godsend for many; there’s no denying it. However, judging by common complaints at the onset of the pandemic, not everyone knows how to make the best out of the circumstances.

First and foremost, remote work still works, so don’t treat it like a holiday. It is crucial to make a schedule and stick to it so that you can enjoy the extra time off any way you see fit.

However, some bad habits are known to be prominent among remote workers, so being aware of them is essential.

Let’s take a look at how you can stay as healthy as you can get while working remotely.

1. Try Not to Sit for Hours at a Time.

Remote workers often spend hours on end sitting in front of their screens. Needless to say, this is not a good idea, and not only because you can start suffering from back pain. A sedentary lifestyle is linked to many health and mental issues, from poor sleep to depression.

Don’t get leg cramps due to negligence!

Schedule regular short breaks to stretch your muscles and walk a bit. A couple of minutes every so often will do wonders for your health.

2. Don’t Miss Your Health Checkups.

Prevention still rules supreme, so make time to attend your regular checkups. It is also a good idea to add light workouts to your daily routine to prevent health issues related to sitting for too long.

3. Shop for Healthy Snacks.

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A healthy and nutritious diet is a must for everyone. Take regular lunch breaks and pay attention to what you eat. A healthy diet comprises fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and whole grains, so lots of beans, nuts, fish, and lean meat. Don’t consume too much sugar, salt, and processed foods.

The easiest way towards healthy eating habits is healthy snacks. It is exactly the snacks that can ruin the finest of food, so make sure they count!

For starters, put a bowl with fresh fruit on the desk. Replacing junk food with fruit will keep you full and happier in the long run. Add some nuts if a banana is not enough. They’re healthy and high on calories, so they will keep you full until lunchtime with ease.

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4. Keep Anxiety at Bay.

It is all too easy to get distracted while working remotely. There are so many open tabs and the general feeling of being on a holiday certainly doesn’t help the case.

Don’t fall into the trap of checking your social media newsfeed every couple of minutes and reading every incoming email immediately.

For remote workers, it is crucial to stay organized and use breaks and free time for leisure activities.

Keep in mind that stress can lead to physical illness, so define a routine that suits you and stick to it. It is a sad reality that anxiety and depression rates are skyrocketing simply because people are not accustomed to discipline.

5. Keep Learning.

woman reading

Join a community of remote workers or sign up for newsletters on topics that interest you to get fresh ideas regularly. Trends are changing all the time but useful tips always remain useful tips.

In addition, consider furthering your knowledge. There are many online schools and courses available, so take your chance. Many people have even found new, more suitable occupations in this way while others have learned a couple of hobbies.

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Lastly, if you’re an expert yourself, you can make some money on the side by creating your own online courses. Why not? It is fun, community-friendly, and lucrative, so it’s definitely a win-win.

6. Maintain a Work-Life Balance.

How To Exercise Properly & Healthy

Maintaining a work-life balance is often the most difficult part for remote workers. For starters, set up a dedicated work spot at home, with as few distractions as possible. While some people can work well in any kind of setting, keep in mind that everyone is more productive when working from a dedicated workplace.

This is especially important for people who have a family or/and pets, as these can distract them greatly. If you don’t know how to get started, visit a co-working space designed for digital nomads. There you’ll find desks, sofas, lazy bags… all kinds of furniture for just any mood.

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For some people, co-working spaces are the best place they can be. These are vibrant spots where like-minded people exchange ideas, which can lead to future collaborations.

7. If You Need a Break, but the Job Won’t Wait.

It is a common occurrence that there is too much work, but you’re about to suffer from burnout. In the case of remote work, these situations can be easily prevented. You can take a workation to get a first-hand experience of digital nomadism.

Note that the trend is gaining more popularity, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a perfect package desired for that purpose. Some hotels offer special deals to remote workers, including specially dedicated coworking spaces.

Look up some ideas online and give a workation a try. You might even decide to take your work life to the next level and become a digital nomad full-term!

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Is There More to It?

There are always new ideas for making your life more enjoyable, and remote work can help you greatly achieve your goals on your own terms. This holds particularly true for gig workers and digital nomads, as they don’t have to compromise their values because the demand is huge.

If you’re unhappy working remotely for a company, you can always turn to alternatives. We live in the era of digital globalization, after all, so use its benefits to make your life better when you cannot prevent its disadvantages.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment with your daily routine. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, as people and circumstances are different. Customize your schedule to include all daily activities without your private and work life suffering one bit.

Embrace the freedom of remote work! It is the fastest way towards a happier life for many, so enjoy the ride.

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