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Myung Sung: The art of Living Meditation by Dr. Jenelle Kim

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The nature of our species, we have to nourish ourselves as well as eliminate the toxins from our body and mind to attain a healthy balance in our living.

Meditation allows you to immerse yourself in the art of spirituality, which can help you shape your thoughts and create a balance between your heart and mind. The habits of living meditation help us to live life differently, learn to take care of ourselves much better, and filter the negative energy surrounding our spirit.

Practices of movement like yoga and martial arts can help to establish an impenetrable connection between the mind and body.

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an illuminating interview session with Dr. Jenelle Kim.

Jenelle Kim is a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, author, speaker, and educator of finding happiness by incorporating Tao philosophy and mindfulness into daily life through Living Meditation.

Jenelle has been devoted to integrating the philosophy, medical wisdom, and expertise of East Asia with the advancements of modern life and medicine of the West for the past 20 years. She is also a loving mother of 2 young boys, for whom she finds time amidst her professional career.

“I am the custodian as well as the guardian of the herbal formulations passed down directly within my family line for many generations”- Dr. Jenelle.

Myung Sung incorporates the three essential pillars: medicine, meditation, and movement. It shapes you to look at a situation with a greater perspective. It can empower you to become more decisive in life. One of the universal principles I believe in is “We as human beings are so connected to each other, to the universe through our time”- Dr. Jenelle.

“I have walked down many roads, but the road of becoming an author is certainly on the top of the list.”

Her debut volume, Myung Sung – The Korean Art of Living Meditation, will be released shortly. Based on my reading, I am delighted to extend my reader’s experience. I was not really a fan of self-help books before reading this one, but after reading it, I’ve vowed to read more in the genre.

Myung Sung is a book that exposes you to the Korean practice of living meditation. It has been broken down into eight easy chapters. It is a symbolic representation of the relationship between tao philosophy and mindfulness. I see it as an antidote that has the ability to heal stress, teach you to become absorptive with pure reserves of natural energy engulfing your body and spirit. 

If you are interested to unravel more secrets about this powerful tool of meditation called Myung Sung, don’t forget to get your copy from here.

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