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Why Are Today’s Relationships So Tough to Sustain? Listen to Dr. Wynn

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Relationships are becoming increasingly dainty, and the thread that binds them has grown too frail to break apart at any time.

Pandemic is another situation to blame, but that doesn’t mean that tiny microbe is the only reason behind the above observation.

Spending too much time together within those four walls that constitute the space you call home without intervals could become a leading factor behind the soaring divorce rates post-lockdowns.

Seeking advice from the right person also matters; always look at the tree which has fruit and not the one that has been wilted. When you seek advice from the right person, you often come to the right conclusions.

Approaching a consultant to express your concerns and seek guidance would be a good cure to the aforementioned agony, so let’s hear from Dr. Wynn, who has more than a decade of expertise in this field via a recent interview conducted by Morning Lazziness. 

Dr. Stephvanie Wynn is the founder of an international coaching, counseling, and consultation platform called Dr. Wynn global.

She is known for her excellence in the field of coaching and consultation, who is soon going to be a debut author with her book release in December 2021 titled DAWN- Dating for Alpha Women. She leads a healthy and inspiring lifestyle, beginning the day hydrating her body and indulging in stretching exercises.

“I have always had a passion for helping people, loving to see their success, it’s an awesome feeling of contentment for me as well as my clients,” says Dr. Wynn, describing her journey as a professional coach

“When my clients say that they had a great experience with my service, I feel glad to learn that,” states Dr. Wynn in her testimonials.

Communication, self-respect, and self-identification are the weapons to battle against challenges in a relationship. Judging your partner based on their mess isn’t right when you yourself are not able to handle yours, so develop healthy communication on the basis of an understanding.

My advice to those couples is to follow RAP- Recognize, Adjust, Prioritizet to stable your relationship through those hard times,’ says Dr. Wynn.

75% of the world is suffering from depression and anxiety; it does take a great deal of time and patience to heal your partner’s ordeal.

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