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Feeling stuck? How to clear your mind and plan ahead

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Sometimes, everyone feels stuck at some point in life, and it may be due to an unsatisfied job, a toxic relationship, or self-judgment. 

If you are dealing with any such emotion in life, it’s okay. You are not the only one; it is the most common human emotion to feel stuck in life. But that doesn’t mean that life is over, and you must stay in that zone forever. 

People find getting out of that situation challenging because they wait for any external change to happen. But change never comes from outside, but it comes from within. Change feels difficult to accept and is sometimes painful. However, to escape that stuck situation, we need to accept it with an open heart, and once it happens, life becomes beautiful. 

In this blog, we will talk about why this happens and how you can overcome it. So without any further ado, let’s get started. 

Why do you feel stuck in life?

Acknowledging and identifying the reason behind this emotion will help you figure out the solution. Here are a few reasons that might be the cause of your problem:

Mismanaged mental health conditions:

Happy life

We often take our mental health for granted and thus end up suffering from mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, which might be the reason for feeling stuck in life. 

Limited vision

Life is a journey, and when we lack direction, it’s apparent to feel stuck. Not having goals for your professional and personal life may make you feel stuck. 

Lack of adequate resources

Life throws challenges at us. It could be personal or professional, and life feels struck when we find it difficult to come out of it. 

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Fear of uncertainty

Uncertainty is the byproduct of life. There is uncertainty in every realm of life, personal or professional. You can’t expect things to go smoothly all the time. But we humans want stability which is the primary cause of feeling stuck.

Lack of purpose

When we don’t know what we want to be in our life or what we want from life, we may experience an existential crisis, which is an obvious sign of feeling stuck. 

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Now let’s talk about how to overcome it. 


Remove the past baggage:

We all have our pasts, no matter good or bad. However, if you carry the past baggage to your present situation, it’s apparent to feel overwhelming. Whether your past was good or bad, release the past baggage and think about the future. Always remember that you can’t change your past, but you can work today to improve your future. Let go of the things that are making you feel less worthy. 

Change your perspective.

Change the way you look at yourself or your life. Stop feeling pity for yourself. It won’t serve any good to you. Change your attitude towards life, and be more optimistic. Take time for yourself- meditate, listen to your inner voice and be with yourself. You can travel or change your routine to feel the newness in life.

Find your purpose

Life is not about getting a high-paying job or fulfilling responsibilities; it’s about doing things that make you feel alive. Talk to people, explore different things, engage in a hobby, or do things you like. And in all these, you will find your purpose, ultimately giving meaning to your life.

Believe in yourself

We often wait for someone else to believe in us or assure us that everything will be fine. But the reality is it doesn’t happen. Until you believe in yourself, others’ validation will never satisfy your soul. Trust yourself, don’t limit yourself to a certain point, and let your thoughts wander. Start believing in your dreams, and you will see changes.

Wrap up

Life is beautiful, and it’s never too late to start over in life. Feeling stuck is a mindset that can be changed. Try to see life through a different lens, and life will start falling into place. 

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