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What Are Your Options During a Video Sex Chat?

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If you’re a relative newcomer to the world of live nude cams, you could easily feel a bit lost as you watch everyone else participating. 

Like any other scenario involving a good number of people, there are a few dos and don’ts that aren’t necessarily required but are probably expected.

Nothing too complicated, of course; after all, this isn’t the kind of thing that requires a rulebook.

Take a site like NudeLive. You can watch public shows for free, send requests and tips to the webcam models, or even book private shows at various price points. Where do you start, and where can you go from there?

Below are a few things to consider; they should give you some background on how video sex chats work.

Your experience will be different depending on whether or not you’re using your webcam.

Video sex chats give you plenty of flexibility in how the overall experience goes, and part of this is due to your ability to share your webcam with the webcam model. Now, this won’t always be an option; on public shows, for instance, viewer contributions are typically limited to text chats or sometimes voice chats.

If there were dozens to hundreds of viewers sharing their webcams on a public show, it would be mayhem – not to mention the security risk for the audience members. 

There can still be some interaction if you aren’t using a webcam;

  • Voice chats let you talk directly to the model.
  • For some people, that’s more than adequate;
  • While for others, a more visual interaction is preferred.

Webcam sex is inevitably awkward for some people. Though, so some choose to interact with just voice chatting, even in a private show.

You could make contributions to performance via text or voice chat.

This will largely depend on what kind of sex cam show you’re watching. In most cases, you can count on at least having a text chat available.

Since some webcam shows can have fairly big audiences, that’s pretty much the only form of viewer participation that can be manageable even with hundreds of contributors. Use the text chat to send compliments, make requests, or simply add your two cents to the performance. 

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Voice chats are for more intimate venues, such as private or group shows. Private shows are booked for a single individual (or sometimes a couple), and group shows are for limited groups of people.

In either case, you can expect to be able to use the voice chat feature, if not your webcam as well. Again, if you’re using your webcam in front of other viewers – like in a group show – that’s a bit risky.

That’s why a voice chat is always a safe bet, whether you’re using it for security reasons or because you just aren’t feeling like sharing your webcam. 

Webcam models take requests, especially if they’re accompanied by tips.

Even if you’re a single viewer in a large audience, you can still interact directly with the webcam model by sending requests and tips.

Live cam shows with smaller audiences are more likely to include requests that aren’t accompanied by tips, but if a webcam model is getting dozens of requests per minute, she can’t pay attention to them all. If you want to make sure your request is noticed, you can send a tip as well – some models will even specify their rates for certain activities. 

If you don’t have a request, you can still send a tip anyway; provided the chat isn’t too busy, your message may even get read out loud. Then again, you don’t have to contribute requests, comments, or tips; they’re just options that are good to have at your disposal.

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Plenty of viewers prefer to simply watch the show without participating, so if that’s what you want, there’s no obligation to chip in. 

Most live sex cam sites have a variety of categories to choose from.

If you peruse the options, you could see all kinds of choices, from BBW, Asian, MILF, or Gay cam shows, and much more.

Lots of people already know what they’re into, but plenty more have yet to discover all of their sexual inclinations. That can be a sensitive subject to explore with a partner, especially if you haven’t known them for long, but video sex chats give you free rein to explore your preferences. 

There are usually categories for specific kinks, too, so sex cams could also be a way for you to learn about an area of interest that you’ve never had much exposure to before. Obviously, the shows themselves will give you plenty to go on, but you can also pay attention to the chats, where viewers will be leaving the usual comments and feedback.

This is a safe, pressure-free way to discover a new side of your sexual tastes – and you’ll have a good time in the process. 

You can direct the performances for private or group shows.

There are plenty of reasons why people pay for private and group shows, and one of those reasons is getting to direct the webcam model. Not only will you have the model’s attention during the show. But she’ll be available to respond to every request – no more competing with a hectic chat.

This is as intimate as you can get with a video sex chat, and it gives you complete control over what happens during the performance. Even if you’re part of a group show, it’ll be a pretty small number of people, and you’ll still receive plenty of individualized attention from the webcam model.

If you still have questions, maybe it’s time to give video sex chats a try and find the answers yourself!

Live sex cams are about giving people entertainment and pleasure, so don’t focus too much on what you should and shouldn’t be doing. Just enjoy yourself as you try out the different options, and remember that it’s all there for you!

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