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4 Tips For Preparing For A Longer Workday

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Nobody likes a longer workday. Those frequently subject to shiftwork or irregular hours know that feeling. Some employees may need to cover for absent employees or help the business during hard times too. 

In late 2020, it was predicted that the future of work meant more hours for many people. Still, today people are more conscious of mental well-being needs and exploitative work environments.

A sense of balance is needed here so that these work conditions work for everybody and is a mutually rewarding experience. Of course, more hours can mean more pay as well. 

Whether you are working a longer workday by choice or not, there are many ways to make these arrangements more manageable. But what are they?

Read on after the jump to find out, and take care to keep these forthcoming tips in mind. 

1. Look After Yourself.

A longer workday can take its toll on your body if you are unprepared. Looking after yourself is crucial here. 

First, think about the quality of rest you are receiving. If you need help falling asleep, read this guide from Rise Science for some expert tips. They can walk you through the two laws of sleep science and introduce you to their RISE technology to help you monitor your sleep debt and schedule more intricately. Much of their innovative approach to sleep is championed in the major broadsheets, so research further if you want to learn more. 

Second, pay attention to what you are eating and drinking. Your diet can either help or hinder your efforts, so drink lots of water and eat plenty of fruits and vegetables to keep you energized throughout the day. Refrain from drinking lots of coffee to keep yourself awake your improved sleep schedule should help with that instead. 

2. Communicate the Challenges.

If work is about to get tougher for you, it is worth letting others know. That way, they can adjust their own behavior as well. 

For example, you could email any relevant colleagues or teammates about the tasks set before you. Once they are aware, they can perhaps offer support to meet each of your objectives as soon as possible. They will at least offer their condolences and moral support, which may give you a small boost as you go about the longer workday. 

Consider telling people in your personal life about the longer workday as well. That way, friends and family may take extra precautions to make sure you can rest comfortably and quietly when you return home. If you work from home together, try to help them better understand what you will go through on that day. After that, they could give you more space and quiet to do your work.  

Take care not to moan too much. While a longer workday may sour your spirits, you should not want to extend that energy onto others as well. You can discuss your challenges without overwhelming yourself and others, so focus on how you plan to tackle the day proactively.  

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3. Think About Automation.

A longer workday means you need to monitor your stamina. You can’t expect your attention span or work ethic to not waver during all those hours. Moreover, you may not be able to take more frequent breaks either, depending on your workload. 

In these situations, automation is most certainly your friend. The technology helped employers manage when short staffed recently. Therefore, if you are short on time, you may be able to have certain tasks covered for you while the longer workday is underway. 

Much of the busy work and admin can be covered here. Replies to emails, social media content, and data backups can all benefit from automation technology. Do some further research to see how else this software can serve you. It may just free up crucial time to spend doing more time-consuming matters in your longer workday.  

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4. Crack Down on Procrastination.

Everybody gets distracted at work on occasion. Anybody who claims that they do not is likely lying to you. 

Try to understand why you procrastinate and formulate ways to conquer that compulsion effectively. The time you save here could be detrimental to your progress in a longer workday. Remember, your schedule needs to be watertight here. The drawbacks of this situation should not bleed into the next day, so attack this one with everything you have. 

Some ways to beat any procrastinative tendencies are: 

  • Disabling personal notifications – If texts and messages do not help you perform your job better, temporarily mute them to help you maintain focus. 
  • Schedule your breaks – You may be less likely to procrastinate if you have planned pauses throughout the day. 
  • Diversify your workload – If you have hit a dead-end on one task, work on another as you subconsciously problem solve the first one. Adapt and flow, rather than hitting the breaks. 

These are just some of the basic measures you can take to stop dawdling on the job. Keep in mind as well that if you are idle, the day will surely drag on, so keep finding ways to busy yourself productively. 

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