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How To Catch A Cheating Girlfriend

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Some times you just know it. 

Sometimes, you start feeling in your gut that your girlfriend is cheating on you. But you don’t have any proof. In that case, suppressing your doubts is not the way to deal with it. Rather than carrying a complicated relationship, clear your doubts.

The best approach is to communicate with your girlfriend and tells her what you think about their relationship. Sometimes, it can be a misunderstanding, and intently listening to your girlfriend may resolve these complications. But, if you are not comfortable in communicating or her stories are not convincing, you don’t need to go anywhere. We will help you to catch a cheating girlfriend. 

Obvious signs that she is cheating 

A) Sudden change in behavior 

When she is in love, she will want to know everything about you. She loves to spend time with you. She is interested in things you are interested. If she was, and now she is not, it is a clear indication that something is not right. This sudden change in behavior means something has replaced in her life. 

B) More time on the phone

We are living in a time where smartphones are like parts of our bodies. According to research from RescueTime, an average person spends three hours and fifteen minutes a day on his phone. With cheating people, it’s usually more than an average person. 

In case your girlfriend;

How To Catch A Cheating Girlfriend
  • Spending more time on the phone
  • Not paying attention to what you are saying
  • Ignores your messages 
  • Needs more space while talking on the phone
  • Changes her password
  • Not leaving her phone alone, even when its plugged into the charger
  • And too many calls, on the same number

These are the clear signs that she is seeing someone else.  

C) Out of your zone 

Cheating girlfriends will appreciate every possible way of getting out of your territory. Picking a fight and slamming doors to left you behind is what they do. If your girlfriend often leaves you in that fashion, do follow her after the fight. If she sees you following her, pretend you were following her to apologize for what happened minutes ago. 

D) Exposure in bed says a lot about your relationship

When a woman cheats, she either does not want to have sex with you anymore, or she will be more experimental in bed. Any of them may be a sign that she is cheating on you. If she refuses to have sex with you, it’s because she is sleeping with someone else, or she is guilty of cheating on you.

If she is more experimental, she might be having too much fun with the other fellow. She wants to know if you two could have the same level of pleasure. Take a close look at her behavior in bed with you – this can tell a lot.

Guaranteed techniques to catch a cheating girlfriend

A) Make her surprise

To catch a cheating girlfriend, show up unexpectedly at her apartment. To keep it natural, always give a solid reason for your unannounced visit. If she does not welcome you with a smile and even gets angry with your surprising visit. It is a definite sign that she is hiding something and does not want you to know about it.

B) Say NO to shopping

How To Catch A Cheating Girlfriend

In the beginning, she impressed you with her looks and dressing. But with time, she started feeling comfortable in her skin. It happens in almost all relationships. But, you see her wearing prettier dresses again, it predicts she is on purpose to impress someone else.

In certain circumstances, stop spending on her. Say ‘NO’ to her shopping demands for a short time. If she stops asking for your credit card and her expenditure remains the same. It is an evident sign that someone has replaced your credit card, and your girlfriend is cheating on you. 

C) Distance yourself 

Distancing yourself from your girlfriend will help you see your relationship more clearly. You may not like it, but this trick works. If she doesn’t want you or no longer cares about what you are doing, then she is probably doing something else. But if she loves being around you, she will consider every possible means to get to you. 

To catch a cheating girlfriend, start tracking her

If you suspect her of cheating, you don’t need to pay too much to a private detective. In case she is living in your apartment, you can place a hidden camera to know her adventures in your absence. There are also many perfectly designed apps to track activities without disclosing your identification.

Recommended spy apps

FlexiSpy: FlexiSpy is the most advanced phone monitoring system. It records phone calls, messages, social media conversations, and also uses GPS to track the phone’s location. The app is also compatible with desktops, mobiles, and tabs. 

It has different features and packages with 24/7 customer care service.

mSpy: mSpy is another mobile monitoring app that works on both Android and IOS devices and comes with two editions, Basic and Premium. Its key features include GPS tracking, call history, sent and received text messages, emails, photos & videos, and Keyword alerts. After installation, it runs in the background and sends reports to your online mSpy account. 

The bottom line:

To catch a cheating girlfriend is not a piece of cake. These signs (mentioned above) are just the alarm that your girlfriend is MAYBE cheating on you.

Why did I say MAYBE? 

It’s because her change in behavior towards you can be a normal evolution, and accusing her without proof is not ideal in a relationship.

You are asking her why she has started to behave differently than usual should always be your first step. Act normal and be patient with your findings, and if you spot her cheating on you. Don’t blame yourself as it will only make you feel bad about yourself. Remember, you are not responsible for your girlfriend’s actions. Make sure you take care of yourself during this turbulent time.

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