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How to Write a Killer Bride or Groom Wedding Speech: 6 Tips from Writer

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It’s easy to casually speak praises to people who matter to you. To some, such praises flow like a reflex action. However, the mood changes when the same person is given a platform to praise the other person in front of a crowd. 

Being a bride or groom is marvelous, but praising your soul mate from a written text can be daunting. Reading a speech can be easier than writing one. It takes time, deep thinking, and great creativity. 

1. Brainstorm the ideas

The most difficult part in any writing is to have the first word or sentence. The bride or groom can sit for hours blank on the very first word to write. The very first action will not be to write but to think again and again about your bride. 

Brainstorm within yourself the best qualities you know about the person. If you have never lived with the bride or groom, you may seek help from a very close friend or family member concerning the person’s strengths. 

2. Develop a story 

Wedding Speech

A groom or bride’s speech is usually short and may not go beyond five minutes. It should only cover between three to five points. Before you develop a story for each point, ensure they are the strongest points concerning your bride or groom. 

You do not need to spend days or weeks rehearsing the popular writing styles to use in your speech. Instead, let the speech be natural and flow from deep your heart. To develop a story, first, pick each point separately and draft the main points for each. You may re-check the points to confirm their flow with the story. 

3. Write the story 

After you have developed the draft of your story, start to write each point in detail. Make the content-rich in words without sounding fluffy or exaggerated. You don’t want to embarrass your bride or groom before the people, and you also don’t want to sound too generic. 

Consider every important point when writing your speech. They will help make the flow smooth, and your speech will sound authentic. Your speech should not be lengthy; you will only have about 5 minutes to praise your bride or groom. 

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Write about who you are dedicating your speech to – which is outrightly your bride or groom. Do not forget to briefly mention the parents to your bride or groom. It is a sign of honor. 

Remember also the close relatives starting with the siblings to your bride or groom and then the relatives present. Acknowledge the guests present and any other important person who might have sent an apology. 

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4. Praises 

Wedding Speech

The wedding day is a day of joy, eating, and celebrating. Friends and family members give gifts, take photos, and dance. You should not let that hype die by giving a boring speech. You should make your wedding speech attractive and full of laughter by being humorous. 

Pamper your bride or groom with praises and add a lot of humor to the speech. Write words and phrases that will keep the crowd charged with laughter and in their best moods. Your speech should be memorable, and the guests should continue discussing it several days after the wedding. 

5. Improve your writing skills before

Learning writing skills is a process that takes time to master, whether it’s a wedding speech or an academic assignment. Through practice, college students perfect their writing. Students are encouraged not to wait for an assignment to learn how to write. Instead, they should take time to learn the skills before the assignments come. 

One of the great ways to learn writing skills is from people with experience. Students should not shy away from spending some time exploring Writix Examples of already written essays on different topics. Thus, they can learn the basics of writing skills.

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6. Edit and rehearse 

Your concluding paragraph is important. It should be very short and probably carry a ‘forever’ phrase because marriage is a forever journey. Ask the guests to raise their hand or glass in honor of your best friend. 

Take time to edit your speech and remove grammatical errors, fluff, and any phrases that sound too generic. After editing, take time to practice the actual presentation alone or before a friend but not your bride or groom. 


The wedding day is the most memorable day for the bride and groom. They should let every moment during the wedding day count. It makes an entire difference when the bride or groom hears great words when their soul mate reads them publicly in a speech. This is one major reason why the words should be written from the heart. 

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