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9 Aspects a Military Guy Looks For In A Girl

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Without a doubt, the job of a military guy is a tough one. Apart from their rough schedule, they also have to compromise on family time. As the militants know their busy schedule, they are meticulous about selecting their life partners.

The life of militants is no less than a roller coaster. So they want someone who can walk the path with them and make things sail easier for them. So if you are in a dilemma while selecting a girl or someone who is fascinated by the thought of being a militant’s life partner, then hold on!

In this article, we will take a ride into the militant’s world and hold a militant’s perspective about what qualities they are looking for in a life partner. So, take a notepad and start jotting down these points as they can really help you in coming to a verdict.

What Do Militants Look For While Selecting a Life Partner?

There is no denying that the job profile is such that they have to face a lot of stress. Also, they have to sacrifice a lot for their country. Therefore, if you are thinking of dating them make sure that you imbibe these qualities in you.

1. Job is His Priority 

business team member

It’s a dream of any woman to be loved and cared for by her husband. Like most of the womens, they too desire that their husband will keep a check on them. They wish to celebrate every special occasion with their husband. But unfortunately, these wishes are not always fulfilled, and one can’t blame militants for it.

Militants can love you wholeheartedly but can’t be with you all the time, and their topmost priority for them is their job. Therefore, you need to be mature to understand that he is working for the country even when he is not physically present. 

2. Deployment 

The worst thing about the job profile is that one is shifted anytime to another country. Moreover, sometimes they ask to go to a remote area. And the negative thing about a remote location is that the communication becomes difficult.

And any life partner would want to share all the happenings of their day with their partner. And this deployment can, at times, stay for more extended periods. So, he wants someone who can understand his schedule and talk to him as per his availability.

Due to his availability, you have to compromise or schedule your work. Sometimes you, too, would have something important to do, and you won’t be able to talk on the planned schedule. But you would have to be the one who has to adjust most of the time. 

3. Everything cannot be Revealed

Militants have loads of secrets to keep, and he can’t share any of those secrets with you, whether it’s about a mission, his current location, or anything that you find suspicious. If you know, they are not allowed to spill out any information to anyone in his life apart from his team members (that too at times).

So, they need a mature life partner who would understand that they can only share a limited amount of information with their partner. It would be best if you were too understanding of her secretive matters.

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4. Loyalty is a Must

Regain Your Partner’s Broken Trust

Trust is a vital aspect of any relationship, and it’s a secret of any long-lasting relationship, especially when we talk about the military people’s love life.

It tends to happen that your husband won’t meet you for years, and you might face difficult times in life. You might feel so lonely and depressed that you start finding comfort in other people.

If you think you cannot stay in such a manner for a long time, then do not think of becoming a militant’s wife.  

5. Be A Listener 

We all want to rant out things to our loved ones, especially when something wrong has happened to them. If you are from a military background; otherwise, you have to be a good listener and understand their problems.

Sometimes it may get challenging to get into their shoes, and it might be difficult to advise them on the matter. But you have to be a support system and try to make them believe that you are there for them at the end of the day.

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6. Understand the Work Profile 

work from home

There is a lot of military jargon that you won’t be able to understand. But still, you can try your level best to make it upto them by getting a basic understanding of it. You can read some articles or try to remember those words so you can get used to them within the time. 

Doing this would make both get closer and build a beautiful relationship. Even one can talk in code language, which would be fun.

7. Be Independent and Strong

Militants are always busy with their work, and they cannot spare time for their families. Therefore, they want you to build your own life. You can be independent and should be able to manage your expenses well. 

Also, there would be adversities that you and your family would have to face. You have to make yourself strong enough to handle everything independently during those times. As he would be away for a more extended period, it might be possible that right from taking bank transactions to managing everything for your children. 

Therefore, you should be strong enough to handle these situations yourself. If you think you can do it, you can manage things well after marriage.

8. Grow Together

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Even when everything seems against you, there are still some memorable moments when you can grow together. Even when there is less time to spend together, you can still live some of the best moments at the same time.

Yes, your life after marriage would be different from most wives. But still, these particular moments would grow your relationship in beautiful ways. When two people love each other, these moments always increase your love by 10x. 

9. Be Supportive And Understanding

Apart from your never-ending love, a militant wants your total support and understanding that can make their life better. A militant will look in for you first, and the foremost thing is your maturity and experience.

A militant’s life is lived for his country. That is the ultimate truth. So, you will have to be supportive and understand his situation all your life. Instead of ranting, you will have to develop a positive attitude towards each other. If you can do it, you can live a happy life in the long run.  

These were what any military guy would look for in his life partner. Read them twice to get the self-assurance that you will be able to be that girl that would be able to walk this path as a life partner. 

Parting Thoughts 

A militant’s life is not easy sailing. Therefore, if you decide to marry a person in the military, then one has to be physically, emotionally, and mentally strong. It is also a moment of pride to be a militant’s life partner. 

Most girls believe that they need a shining knight in armor as their life partner.  Without a doubt, the militants are those people who can save you from any situation in life just because they are too strong to handle anything in life. There are even some best military dating apps that can find you your ideal life partner.

Militants really live a tough life, and you also need to get stronger with them. These were some of the vital aspects that are taken into consideration while selecting a life partner.

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