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All You Need to Know About Blogging By Austen Tosone

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“I grew up reading magazines and really wanted to work at one, which I did one day. Magazines have editors with tons of experience and great taste. What fascinated me about blogging was that, unlike magazines, you could be your own editor of your blog and could have my own little corner of the internet.”- Austen. 

Morning Lazziness is bringing to you an interview session with Ms. Austen Tosone, a blogger, beauty content creator, YouTuber, writer, and consultant.

Despite the numerous titles she has earned, she prefers to be known as a digital content creator. She is also the founder of the beauty blog “Keep calm and chiffon.”

My journey as a blogger

I started my blog “Keep calm and chiffon” as a fashion blog, sharing photos of my daily outfit, and over time it evolved into daily outfit photos with styling suggestions and a paragraph on what I did that day.

When I started interning at magazines during college, my editorial sense started to develop more creative notions.

In 2016, I published my first beauty post, and all I had to share was my own experiences, but surprisingly that was interesting before my reader’s eye. Later on, I started publishing more career focussing content, taking inputs from my own career journey, which started off as an intern at a magazine.” – Austen.

Tips for upcoming bloggers

“I would encourage those who are interested in blogging to try to pick up a category that they are truly passionate about.

Start off blogging by taking inputs from your real-life experiences and establishing your authority with Google’s algorithm.

Since they are looking for a trustworthy source to navigate the searcher to find solutions to his//her problems. Use your intent and look into learning more about search engine optimization which will surely help you flourish as a blogger.” – Austen.

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